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When I was working on my last article about immigration, I came across a lot of the stock talking points of snarky leftists, who dominate the [illegal] immigration debate on most online communities. The biggest of these is that white people are the original illegal immigrants to the United States, Canada, Australia or whatever settler colony nation is being discussed and dismembered, and that the country was stolen and belongs to someone other than the majority of the people who live there. Because somehow that justifies further illegal immigration to the United States. Whatever. I don't know for certain what produces this line of reasoning: it could be badly taught history in school, self-hating white guilt, SWPL signaling, extreme civic nationalism, or a combination of all them. What I do know is that this attitude crops up all the time, and it's bullshit.

The latest example I found was a picture of a self-identified illegal immigrant, who graduated from college, posted on Humans of New York (HONY). HONY is a Facebook page with six gorillion followers run by a Wall Street guy turned photographer who documents New Yorkers and signals very aggressively. It's very popular with transplants and non-New Yorkers because it presents them with a disneyfied version of the city that would make Bloomberg proud: you've got SWPLs, cute children, inspiring minorities with TV-esque struggle stories, gay people doing gay things, and sassy senior citizens. It's essentially Democratic Voters of New York, but I digress.

What makes this portrait noteworthy, more than its subject, are its comments. Let's review some of the most ovenworthy, SWPL-signaling remarks, and with some of our own TRS brand countersnark:

A recent federal survey has estimated there to be over 60,000 illegal immigrants in Australia. However, Aboriginal sources say the number is closer to 22 million.

Yeah, because Abbostralia is a real country, or ever was one, and has borders and a government and can enter into diplomacy with foreign countries. Oh and if it does exist, it wasn't conquered by a technologically and organizationally superior country. Okay SWPLs.

*undocumented immigrant

Muh semantics. How is this any different from being an illegal immigrant or an alien? Hint: it isn't. It's like being mentally retarded, challenged or handicapped. The only difference is the decade.

No you're not. You're human.

You can be both human and an illegal immigrant. What level of education did you complete? This is some high-level stuff, I guess. Let's go back to our rent-seeking hugbox.

To anyone who tells her to go "back to her country", think about it. Unless you are NATIVE American, you are also an immigrant. Go back to your country! Or everyone can accept the fact that we all live on this earth together, and make peace.

Yeah all those people who are 1/16th Cherokee are the REAL Americans. Everyone else should just leave. All three hundred million or so of them. Of course, you just mean white people should get out because muh colonialism but more on that later. And somehow living on earth entitles you to live in any country? Rationally speaking, everyone should move to the best country possible then. Let's see how long that's sustainable for.

so was everyone else who first landed on this continent.


No one is illegal. We are all humans separated by borders that don't really exist.

You sound like an imperialist, you know. Or a doctor. Borders don't matter to either of those. Also, borders are a good thing. Kind of like how your house or apartment or whatever has walls. At least I hope yours does.

I hate that term- you're a new American sorting out your paperwork.

This one is my favorite actually. It defines the propositional nation as saliently as possible. Literally anyone is American. With that kind of attitude, Americans don't even exist; they're members of a labor market and nothing more. Everyone belongs, even people who aren't even here yet. Thanks 14th Amendment, you are my greatest ally.

Now that you're all triggered we can move on to some major league shitlording/fact-dropping.

Most societies in the pre-Columbian Americas [and Australia] did not operate above a clan or tribal level. Within a Eurasian context, many of these societies hadn't left the stone age. They were thousands of years behind Europe, the Islamic world, China, etc. The major exceptions were the Aztecs and the Mayans, who had ancient-tier empires with road networks and tributary states, but like all New World civilizations, were utterly crushed by Europeans. #SorryNotSorry

So what does all of this mean? It means that much of the non-Eurasian world was terra nullius during the age of colonialism/imperialism. In other words, no political power existed there capable of interacting with the outside world on a European-Islamic-Oriental level diplomatic field. France and the Ottoman Empire could have diplomacy with one another as sovereign states, or Germany and Qing China, but relations between an American Indian tribe and the British empire were immensely lopsided. The indigenes simply did not operate at the same level as Old World states. And they could not defend their purported territorial integrity either. There was no "United States" that was conquered by white Europeans but a North American continent inhabited by a hodgepodge of native tribes and tribal confederations. A country and the land it is on are not the same things.

The United States is a country created from white settler colonies banding together against their motherland, not just muh stolen land. North America is a continent that is home to multiple countries and was historically settled by a variety of peoples with widely varying levels of political, economic and civilizational complexity. Furthermore, it was Europeans who brought all of those concepts—North/South America, geographic continents and the United States—to the New World in the first place. The Comanche and the Choctaw weren't plying the world's trade routes well enough to know how much of it even existed. Many of the indigenous peoples of North America had probably never even seen an ocean.

Quite simply, the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, did not exist prior to Europeans settling there and creating civil societies and colonies that eventually sought their autonomy or independence from the British metropolis. The land that those states now control was conquered, swindled, or bought from their indigenous peoples to be sure—and right of conquest was practiced across all major civilizations and de facto recognized until 1945—but the states created, the majority of their populations, their institutions, and just about everything but the soil had no relation to those indigenous peoples. They had societies but not countries in the sense that we understand them in 2015, or in the sense that Europeans did in 1776. If the United States was "stolen" from anyone, it was the British.

And how do you illegally immigrate to a society your people created anyway? The United States is not a Native American country and white people could not have "illegally immigrated" there. That's absurdly anachronistic and historically dishonest. Are colonialism and illegal immigration both movements of peoples? Yes. But they are not the same thing. SWPLs pls.

Here's a diagram:

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