A Pill Divided

Sometimes... I'm not sure where I come from. Do I come from the "Stormfags" like my father and mother who raised me? Do I come from the Religious Right with influences like Francis Schaeffer, Rousas Rushdoony and the Lutheran church of my grandfather? I'm not really sure where I come from. But I do know where Roosh V comes from.

Roosh comes from the frat boy lifestyle, or at the very least, the playboy lifestyle.
With a bibliography covering such deep topics as sex and social media, and with titles as creative as "30 Bangs" "Day Bang" and "why can't I use a smiley face?" Roosh is the sort of person I've never wanted to like.
The philosophy he has made over the last ten years has seemed to me at least, to be Epicurean and hedonistic.
Operating under the assertion that all women are whores, and therefore men are justified in their exploitation and chivalry is dead so it's ok, has always struck me as sick. And I don't need an argument to say that. If you dont see the problem with that world view you need help.

Roosh is unhappy.
Not that I blame him, personal attacks aren't something that feel good.

The first time I heard of NeoMasculinity was from a friend. He posted a link to the page on "What is NeoMasculinity". And seeing who wrote it, I skimmed it, and ignored it, and forgot about it. The next day I see a post from a friend of mine, Butch Leghorn, who posts on his own blog elsewhere and was apparently very pleased with what he saw. He claimed it was the birth of a new stage in the manosphere and the maturity of its ideas.

"Well,they couldn't have gotten more childish," I thought. I was disappointed in Butch. To me, Roosh stood for douche, he represented the manosphere, he WAS the manosphere, and the manosphere was intellectualized polo shirt debauchery.

And then I saw this... and I realized I could not hate the man for it.
Roosh is growing up.
I'd go so far as to say this is the true cause behind the schism. Whatever triggered the reaction against Roosh, probably came from the directions he has been drifting on, not just recently, but for awhile.

What he started in 2005 he has outgrown, he's moved on from that stage and is starting to care about much more in life than just getting bitches on his dick.
And the childish men he culled together from the horny corners of college campuses have not grown up. They have not moved on and they are still in that phase where hedonism is much more appetizing than the bigger issues in society that don't involve chasing pussy.

I support Roosh. I cannot speak for every member of this blog, I am probably the least liked member of this blog, but for myself, the only person I can speak for, I approve of neo masculinity and as long as it sticks to its foundational tenants I believe it has the potential to do greater things for men than all of Roosh's previous work combined.

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"You think the Racism is your ally, but you merely adopted the Racism. I was born in it, molded by it. I did not see Tolerance until I was a man."