The Amazing Adventures of the White Hooded Dindu

In our previous post Cledun outlined the hi-jinx of some particularly shameless Jewish SJW activists in their attempts to manage the narrative surrounding the Baltimore riots and shift blame for the violence to white people. At the forefront of this effort were "reporters" Brandon Soderberg and Caitlin Goldblatt, who stooped to new lows of obvious and desperate lying in their "reports" for the SJW activist rag "City Paper." The entire story was summed up well by this imgur post. The incident became so embarrassing that City Paper has now issued a retraction. Sort of.

The hero we deserve right now.
The main character in this drama is the heroic dindu in a white hoodie and grey jeans that managed to be at the forefront of every video of the brawl outside Camden Yards on Saturday. You would think that Soderberg and Goldblatt would have realized there would be ample video footage of the event considering that literally every drunk white person in that bar was equipped with niggertech, and indeed many videos have surfaced, detailing the exploits of our hero from multiple angles. Let's try to reconstruct his movements as best we can.

Our hero first bursts upon the scene in the harrowing video above, taken from the vantage point of a bar patron. As we can see within the first few seconds he manages to commit several felony assaults and one theft. Watch as he joins in on mob attack of a lone reveler, steals his jacket, extricates himself from the crowd and then seamlessly, with effortless grace moves in to pick up a garbage can and hurl it directly at a bystander. Thwarted by the man's rather deft blocking maneuver and unsatisfied, our friend moves in and takes a few swings at the man's head for good measure. The camera then pans off and we lose our hero... for now.

Above is another view of the same incident starting at about 0:40.

We next encounter our brave stalwart in a moment that is either right before or right after the incident pictured above, in which a middle class white woman attempts to steal his black leather purse. He appears walking through the frame of this video around the 25 second mark. In the time since we last saw him it seems he has leveled up. While he lost the jacket he stole previously in the scuffle with the oppressive cisheteropatriarchal white man, he has now acquired not only a white checkered bag, but also a bottle of liquor with the pourer still attached. Being a staunch believer in the NAP, he no doubt acquired these items entirely through legal, voluntary means. At least there is no video evidence that didn't. Yet.

It is not clear at what point in the timeline this next moment in our dindu's exciting day occurs. At about the 1:10 mark in the above video we see him practicing some relatively low time preference behavior and cooperative social skills as he joins forces for a few seconds with several other vibrant individuals in breaking a store window. He also shows an ambitious spirit when he is first through the window to loot the place.

Here we see our protagonist in all his glory, his crowning achievement and the moment he will always be remembered for. At around 0:58 in this video you can pick up his movements around the center of the frame. He seems a bit lost or bewildered, perhaps a bit tuckered out from all his activities. But wait! At 1:15 he sees an opportunity to recapture lost glory as reaches out, grabs the woman's purse and yanks on the strap. The rest, as they say, is history.

Here it is close up
And while it does appear that the screeching Jewess is trying to assist the white woman, we were later to learn that she was really concerned for the safety of the dindu, under fierce dual attack from both white privilege and stereotype threat. Perhaps at some level she really believes her own bullshit and has constructed a narrative in which even if the actual facts of the situation show a violent dindu robbing and attacking people, his situation is really the fault of privileged white people like the woman with the purse, who then had to suffer the abuse of two screaming, hysterical activist Jews for her trouble.

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