Quick response to Glenn Beck on the Israeli election


Here we have Beck, a Mormon heretic who believes Christ (Jehovah) is a lesser deity among an infinite number of gods. Glenn is very dishonestly representing his views in order to whip up a frenzy among evangelicals who have a bumper sticker-level of religious understanding, who don’t realize that “Jehovah” and “God” mean vastly different things for not only Beck, but for the Jews.

Beck’s fans are being encouraged to project religious feels on a nation and culture that in many of its traditions view Jesus as an idiot who worshiped a brick and was the product of a whore and a Roman centurion.

NAxALT, certainly. Not every Jew believes what I said above, and not every evangelical is going to buy Beck’s spiel. That said, there are some profound flaws underlying the American Right. This misunderstanding of fundamental cultural differences and perspectives is one of them. I understand the disgust some may feel with having any association with the sort of dreck represented in the pic above. I must say that I find myself feeling a very similar disgust.