You Will Never Be Tolerant Enough: Response to Ignition Zero



For the sake of polite conversation, I’ll avoid the obvious comment(s) that could be made about “ignition.”

Instead, allow me to translate this artist’s signalling for those less versed in the LARP-left’s newspeak.

  1. * I’m gay, but I’m also really, really special.*
  2. You can’t understand my unique burden in life. Ugh, don’t even try.
  3. I’m too busy worshiping my butthole to do anything else with it.

For the character depicted in this comic, words don’t matter. Neither do attempts to rationally understand his “identity.” Rather, the character feels that how others perceive him is more important than what he really is. Even his perverse carnal desires are superseded by this.

This is quite literally the fable of Narcissus except with shittier artistry and more childish tumblr dialogue. And no ending. Or warning.

…But hey, maybe more gay marriage and LGBT college organizations will fix this.