If you feel your Newspeak lexicon is voluminous enough, then check your privilege, shitlord. Everyday Feminism’s Laura Kacere has belched out a new phrase you can add to your maudlin, jargon-laden screeds against everything good and sane in society. You’ve heard of heteronormativity: the crazy idea that because 99% of the world’s population is heterosexual, that society’s social norms should reflect that fact. Now there’s homonormativity: the crazy idea that homosexuals should grow up and assimilate into white, bourgeois society. Because life can’t be just one large, ongoing circuit party of crystal meth bliss and rotating creampies.

Kacere reminds her readers that “The queer right’s movement’s beginnings were based in a radical politics that consistently challenged corporate capitalism, the military, and the heteronormative structure of marriage.” And look where that got them. Nowhere. It turns out that hysterically storming into churches, screeching about your “rights to equality” while desecrating the host is not how to win friends and influence people. More forward-thinking queens realized that social acceptance might involve a more conciliatory approach beyond shitting all over what mainstream society considers decent and respectable and sacred, and condemning oneself perpetually to the margins of society. So they started wearing sweater vests, cleaning up inner cities, and tried to assimilate into the bourgeois ideal of a monogamous lifetime partnership.

Or, as Kacere sees it, they became oppressive cis-sexist homonormative fascist fucks voluntarily submitting to the reigning regime of white privilege. Yet as a result, homosexuals are more visible and are offered greater participation in society. This was accomplished by appealing to the dominant society’s norms and notions of respectability. Homosexuals presented themselves as people with the same values and aspirations as the rest of heterosexual society. They want to serve proudly and honorably in their country’s armed forces. They want to commit themselves to monogamous romantic partnerships.

Contrary to SJWs, privilege is not unearned. The privilege of participating in society is paid for by not acting like a degenerate. Those who can’t play nice are rightfully excluded. Kacere, however, believes that being a clean-cut, sober, and monogomous homosexual is a betrayal of homosexuality’s vibrant culture of Folsom Street fairs, anal gape, and dying of AIDS at 35. Homonormativity didn’t “hurt” the gay rights movement. It made it palatable and successful by suppressing degeneracy and encouraging decency.

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It must be made so, because Fascinus says it must.