Dale and Veronica Partridge: Christ Died for Status-Signaling

Source: Chron


Here we have what passes for dialectic in this country. Tradition vs. Progress. Old vs. New. Stupid Faith vs. Smart Faith. I’m not surprised to learn this deep, meaningful debate was covered by Good Morning America. This is the Liberal Cat Lady’s catnip.

…But what does “Christian” mean in this context? Is the Partridge family really taking a stand against our decadent and secular culture? Are they really taking up the cross and following the Lord in a meaningful fashion? Let’s take a look at their blogs:


Umm…. You seem to have forgotten to capitalize “God” there, Veronica. LOL, whoopsie.

The husband’s blog isn’t much better.


…I bet the Bible would do a better job of that, bro.

Neither blog seems to offer anything in terms of Christian apologetics. A cursory search of their sites find nothing with “God” or “Christian” or “Faith” in the title. There are no blog categories dedicated to these things. Seems to be a lot of emotional woman stuff and shallow pop culture.

A google search for “Dale Partridge church” finally netted me something. I was directed to the following article: Your Walk Scares Me.

The Partridges have “found their place” in home church, which is some weird bullshit I thankfully never hear about down here in the Bible Belt. Mr. Partridge links to two authors who inspired his family’s decision: neither seem to offer any meaningful study material for people serious about the faith. One author calls his blog “beyond evangelical,” which really means “beneath Christianity.”

I note Dale draws no inspiration for his decision from scripture.

Dale mentions that people have “valid considerations” regarding his choice to eschew church for social gathering, reducing faith to hanging out, motivational speaking, and feels. The Partridge patriarch brushes such concerns off by hilariously suggesting that…

…In other words, Christ made it clear that our job is not to judge the spiritual journey of our fellow believers.

I’m guessing Mr. Partridge never actually read all those letters from Paul. You know, the ones that explicitly state who should be excluded from fellowship, what actually constitutes “fellow believers?” What about the writings of those prophets of the Old Testament? Or Peter? James? Early Church fathers? What about Christ himself, talking about “recognizing them by their fruits,” and all that imagery about tares and casting stuff into fire and gnashing of teeth? Blank-out.

I conclude that a woman’s insipid blog article about not showing her skinny ass off in some yoga pants and posing in pictures with her metrosexual husband is about all the “christianity” one should expect from such a family. That is to say, this is a secular family vaguely and insultingly masquerading their attention whoring as religion. For the Partridges, Christ died for Facebook shares and some liberal status-signalling.