On Charlie Hebdo and Islamophobia

Source: The Jacobin

On Wednesday morning, the office of French magazine* Charlie Hebdo *was attacked by three masked gunmen, armed with kalashnikovs. Ten Hebdo staffers and two police officers were killed. The gunmen were reported to have screamed “allah akbar” during the attack. Big surprise.

France has raised it’s terror alert to maximum and a search is underway for the culprits.

One of the gunmen has turned himself in:

Cherif Kouachi, who is now 32, was sentenced to 18 months in prison after being convicted of terrorism charges in 2008 for helping funnel fighters to Iraq’s insurgency.

I bet prison will reform him this time.

Leftist outlets were quick to circle their wagons in response. Probably because their immigration policy is part and parcel of why Third World violence was visited upon a First World city in the first place. Their reaction to this tragedy is as typical as it is horrifying and infuriating.

I want you, dear reader, to take a good, long look at how the left is spinning this tragedy. Nota bene the priorities, recognize just how vile and twisted your opposition is.


No, the offices of Charlie Hebdo should not be raided by gun-wielding murderers. No, journalists are not legitimate targets for killing. But no, we also shouldn’t line up with the inevitable statist backlash against Muslims, or the ideological charge to defend a fetishized, racialized “secularism,” or concede to the blackmail which forces us into solidarity with a racist institution.

This is utterly, offensively preposterous. A bunch of white people marching in streets with national flags and not wearing those stupid Guy Fawkes masks is supposed to evoke more fear in me than barbarous brown people that seem prone to use violence on anything that doesn’t conform to the teachings of their pedophile prophet (pbuh, lol)? On what fucking planet does that make sense!?

Last I checked, Western nationalism and nativism doesn’t produce beheadings, rape gangs, and terror attacks on publications that criticize Jesus… Though to be quite honest, the latter would have likely had a retarding effect on a narrative that produces frumpy cuck apologists for Rotherham groomers and Hebdo killers.

Kill yourself.
Some of my fellow contributors take solace in the fact that Charlie Hebdo was not a right-wing publication, and that on the net this wasn’t a loss for Western Civilization. Maybe so, but I don’t care.

What has me truly enraged on a primal level is realizing that I understand the motivations of this:

Pictured: Impending Islamophobia.
Pictured: Impending Islamophobia.
…More than I understand the motivations of liberals, people who can seriously moralize the reduction of civilization to a welfare and rape provider for fucking barbarians.