Bassem Masri: Keepin' it Classy

If I were a more inflammatory person, I may be tempted to use this space to call for the public hanging of “anti-police brutality activist” Bassem Masri. But I know that such calls are likely illegal and not a responsible use of my constitutional right to free speech. For those that don’t know about Masri, he is the tryhard, wigger-presenting, kebab “activist” that hilariously had his brand new iPhone 6 stolen from him while live-streaming the Ferguson riots last month. Prior to that incident he had gained a reputation as a retarded loudmouth desperately larping as a social crusader.

Bassem Masri larping as an oppressed person
While long on bombast, Masri is not exactly known for his eloquence. Some of his more articulate rhetorical flourishes include deft verbal barbs such as “Coward! Straight pig out here! Get the fuck outta here wit cher boys!” and “I’m praying for your death!” delivered of course in his characteristic tryhard faux-black “street” accent. Truly, Masri is a master at signaling his in-group status with the oppressed urban youths of America by adopting their streetwise slang and vibrant cadence. Or so he would have us think.

It is sort of amusing to watch videos of Masri as he desperately poses as a member of the nonexistent “black community” and tries to take part in some illusory struggle for justice. Until the point comes where you just want to punch him in the face. Watch as Masri allows himself to be ambush interviewed by a Fox reporter, and proceeds to blame his absurdly irresponsible ranting on the police themselves. “Instead of asking me why I’m mad, ask the police why they ain’t doin their job… That’s on them.” Really? So someone hysterically yelling that they are praying for your death is a reflection on you, not them. It’s called agency brah. You should give it a try.

In the wake of the shooting of two nonwhite New York City police officers by a mentally ill black muslim, Basri reacted with his usual class and flair. “Pigs in a blanket! Smells like Bacon! Fry em like whaaaat.” etc. See if you can watch this video without thinking the state would be justified in having him publicly drawn and quartered.

Even more absurd, last month Masri was invited by the Department of Justice to take part in a meeting on “police reform.” Yes, because a man that publicly chants that he prays for the death of police is exactly who you want at your community outreach meetings.

Police unions and some conservative politicians, including former mayor Rudy Giuliani, have noted the welcoming attitude towards the shrill and vicious anti-police protests displayed by the Obama administration and the Mayor of New York City, and have claimed that at least some of the blame for the execution of the two cops lies with them. Considering that the DOJ is basically an arm of the protest movement itself and that the entire liberal establishment has lined up behind these protests, it is hard to argue with this point of view.

(It is predicatble that New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio would essentially grant a free pass to the protesters. The disrespect directed at him by the police is well deserved. This is a man who was a vocal advocate of the communist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua in the 80s, was a functionary in the spectacularly failed government of black Mayor David Dinkins, is in an “open” marriage with a black lesbian, has mulatto children and celebrated his honeymoon in Cuba. The guy is basically a commie. But I digress.)

It is of course no surprise that Masri identifies as a Palestinian and claims that his bad behavior is part of some broader struggle against Imperialism, racism, Zionism and blahblahblah. Whether he is actually Pali, or whether he is just seeking social cachet by presenting as an oppressed person I don’t know, but it doesn’t really matter. He is generally representative of Americanized kebab that get politicized into extreme left wing politics. His anti-Zionist rhetoric is nothing to sympathize with, it is bound up with a broader anti-white, anti-western agenda and probably a product of propaganda from left-wing Jewish intellectuals in the first place.

The fact that the blue side of the government is more interested in granting legitimacy to and “listening to the voices” of execrable figures like Masri and his despicable compatriots than it is in circling the wagons around the very people that are necessary to enforce its own rule is strange indeed. It is progressive signaling gone wild. No liberal politician can take the risk of castigating even the most extreme elements on the left for fear of twitter mobs and the disapproval of the snarky millennials at Huffpo and Gawker media. If the world that Masri thinks he inhabits were real, he would simply be shot, not given a platform by the media and government.

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