SFL: Drag Shows for Liberty



Kendall Richey, author of the article linked above, is both social coordinator for Texas Christian University’s Gay-Straight Alliance and a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator. The article depicts a recent student drag show, how it was a relative success compared to previous campus events.

The article also clearly shows readers which organization the author identifies more strongly with. You read nothing resembling libertarian talking points until the last few sentences. Almost like it’s an afterthought.

Funny, that.

In the concluding paragraph, Richey makes some confused arguments for “liberty” and against state intervention, while praising “tremendous leaps forward” for his fringe community over the past several years. Firing people for crimethink has an interesting way of warming hearts and changing minds. #libertyworks when businesses pair up with government to promote and enforce social values (#fascismworks).

I have a feeling this “militantly gay” individual will experience a miraculous change of heart on free markets and human freedom the moment SFL can be leveraged for a better social position… Not that throwing ideology under the bus necessarily estranges oneself from SFL (Lol Ankur Chawla).

Students for Lolberty, one of our friends in the Fash-Liberty Alliance, posted the following “libertarian” reaction to TCU’s “Night in Wonderland.”

Of course he was drinking latte.