The Obvious Stuff: Correlation Between Ugliness And Social Justice

Source: Campus Reform

A new series of studies from Stanford researchers has found that people who feel “unattractive” are more likely to donate to the Occupy movement.

Ya' don't say?
Ya’ don’t say?
It’s always fun when science accidentally corroborates TRS narrative on Western progressivism.

People who have low self-esteem tend to project this on society, which leads to a narrative of rampant systemic inequality. It makes sense that an unbalanced person would be incapable of seeing anything resembling balance in the world around them. This does go a long way towards explaining how overfed people in nice clothing can actually believe they are oppressed by the wealthy.

The leftist’s inability to exercise agency and take responsibility for fixing their own appearance and social status is further projected onto politics and philosophy. This explains why progressive social prescriptions fail to fix the problems they diagnose, and why actual implementation of their ideas tend to create more problems. Being unable to fix their own problems, there is little reason to believe liberals will fix anything else.

I hope for the day I can be a victim too!
This also explains why a proggie cannot deal with any sort of disagreement or criticism. Their values being nothing more than projection, to disagree with their “ideology” is to threaten an unstable psyche that has never grown up to accept failure. This instability explains why they have a difficult time accepting an opposing view even exists, and to eventually lash out via doxxing and the like when someone threatens to collapse their fantasy.

Stanford has barely peeled back the first layer of this onion, IMO. There is fertile ground when it comes to exploring the actual psychology of a progressive. Here’s hoping that we live to see the day the APA classifies Social Justice as a mental disorder.