Big Tent Special Snowflakism (Political Open Thread)

So, uh, the blog has seen a considerable increase in traffic this month.

Not gonna lie, my wiener moved a little.
Not gonna lie, my wiener moved a little.
Seeing where some of our traffic has been coming from this month, I am of the opinion that we have attracted a rather diverse reader base. I feel now would be a good time to get a feel of the new people coming to our big tent fash blog.

And what better way to do this than to compare edgy political titles, test results, and socket depth?

I’ll start.

Political Base Class: Blue Collar Republican
Political Prestige Class: *Bad Faith Conservative *

I have in essence tried out every edgy right-wing stance out there. Objectivist, Ancap, Anti-Statism, White Nationalism, National Socialism, even Esoteric “Right-Wing” Socialism. The latter was particularly bizarre. There actually exist “right wingers” who are so anti-progressive that they end up in essence becoming progressives. Mixing Evola, Stoddard and Stalin together does some strange things to a white guy. Very Clayton Bigsby-esque.

Every ideological position I explored brought me at least one valuable insight about both myself and the world around me. I have grown from the journey, two road diverged and I chose the path less travelled, blah blah.

Another positive result of my journey is I can empathize with practically every stance in both the mainstream and fringe Right.

That said, this dabbling also leaves me with a degree of cynicism about political philosophy, particularly true believers and idealists. This doesn’t sit well with some in our inner circle. It has also given me a (not entirely unfair) reputation of being mercurial. C’est la vie.

While I hold more in common with the fringe than I do the mainstream, I would prefer to identify more with the typical conservative. I sincerely believe reform can be possible within the mainstream, and that this political bloc is the only group capable of standing against what is quite literally a liberal mudslide.

I understand people in the edgysphere and even in our readership disagree with this idea. They may be correct. Still going to pursue this direction, and most of you will follow me on the journey, out of perverse curiosity if nothing else.

The test I tend to rely on is My actual numbers were like 5.88, 5.79, so I rounded to 6 and 6. The result has me intersecting Conservativsm, Fundamentalism and Traditionalism. Which is actually exactly right for me. Your mileage may vary.bulba

I don’t put much stock in Koanic Soul‘s stuff, though it is entertaining in the way astrology and Myers-Briggs typology fapping is. According to Koanic I am a Melon back and Thal front. Which means I’m like an edgy anti-hero that rides the line between good and evil.

Oh, and I’m ENFJ.

The writers and I are looking forward to seeing your responses below.