Thanksgiving Wishes From Being Liberal

In predictable fashion the unmarried middle-aged cat ladies, betacuck males and edgy college students of Being Liberal, the Facebook repository for all the bravest memes on the internet, have kicked off their Thanksgiving status signaling circle jerk by reminding us with wagging fingers that all of our present day prosperity is based on genocide and racism. Below we present a selection of the choicest memes shared by these shrill harpies and emasculated milksops.

It must have taken a lot of bravery to post this on a social network full of non-threatening people that agree with you. Congrats.
I see what you did there. I still don’t give a fuck.
I’m beginning to see a theme here. And it sucks.
This one really chastened me. What about you guys? LOL jk.
You would think that drawing this parallel, however stupid it is, again and again would give them pause given what actually happened to the Amerindians.
So you’re saying that keeping out illegal immigrants is necessary to maintain your own culture? Yeah, oops.
I really think social media has been bad for liberals. It took their natural inclination for moral status signaling and gave them a consequence free 24/7 platform for constantly letting off wet and heavy verbal farts and then savoring their pungent aroma. If in real life you constantly acted like a holier than thou douche that poked holes in every shared social value for the sake of your own aggrandizement people would tire of you very quickly, but on social media there are almost no such consequences.

So, I actually want to thank Being Liberal for these. This Thanksgiving let’s remember that there exists a political movement dedicated to squeezing some sort of moral high ground out of their miserable and self-destructive existence. Let’s give thanks that we actually value things we have been given and that we can see the memes farted out by some Polish transgender faggot and laugh.

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Hey bro, that's racist.