A Letter to the Right: Stop Failing Liberal Shit-Tests

If there is one major insight TRS has formed about the culture wars, it’s that the Right needs to quit letting the Left harry them into submission by agreeing to play the “I’m Not a Bigot Game.” Every single time a liberal convinces a conservative the burden of proof is on them to establish a lack of racism/bigotry/sexism, the entire alt-right collectively facepalms over their stupidity. Don’t play the damn game in the first place.

The most poignant example of this occurred recently when scientist Matt Taylor found himself in boiling hot water over his personal choice in T-shirts. Rather than simply smirk over a glass of single malt scotch and tell the Feminist Inquisition to go fuck themselves with the dildos they rode in on, Taylor instead publicly apologized and cried over the ordeal. Really brah? These ninnies are whining about a T-shirt made for you BY A FEMINIST WOMAN, and you let the little harpies pick away at you like a bloated piece of roadkill? Just point out that no one deserves to be treated differently because of what they’re wearing, then watch anuses explode when the analogy to rape apologizing penetrates those thick feminist skulls.

"Why yes, I am a snivelling beta-male, as a mater of fact."
“Why yes, I am a sniveling beta-male, as a mater of fact.”
Most likely you’ll learn the same lesson SJW dildo-acolyte Will Wheaton discovered when he apologized for “cultural insensitivity and appropriation“: You don’t get a dog to stop chasing you by running from the dog. All this sort of placation does is inform your tormentors that you are a lowly pathetic worm and they can get away with squishing you right under their heels. As any pussy-nerd will tell you, you don’t get the respect of women by kissing their asses. When someone gives you a shit-test, you better realize it and respond accordingly.

Don’t give a single flying fuck about how the media/teacher’s unions/liberal cat ladies will respond to your political stances. They already hate you. If you show them weakness, they will hate you more and add a generous helping of disrespect. Instead, be more like Police Chief Edward Flynn and point out that random violence by feral blacks is a lot more problematic than the occasional questionable shooting by Law Enforcement. In fact, just blatantly troll the fuck out of SJW apologists by slamming them with factual statistics until they finally chimp-out and experience a public meltdown, as Rudy Giuliani did during a recent Donkey Kong Match “discussion” on Meet The Press. Remember, your enemies are a lot less emotionally stable than you, and if TRS knows anything, it’s that liberals can be goaded into completely wrecking their own credibility if you remain calm and repeat Hate Facts until they finally explode into spasms of agonized butthurt and paranoid conspiracy theories.

"How do you respond to recent scientific studies showing that niggers are violent stupid apes?"
“How do you respond to recent scientific studies showing that niggers are violent stupid apes?”
In summation, when these little weasels try to stare you down, don’t blink. Don’t agree to fight a war on their favorite battlefield. Don’t even bother to explain why you aren’t a racist because you donate money to the NAACP or have that one black friend. You can snark about how yes indeed, as a matter of fact you are a Grand Dragon with a knowing smirk while everyone else snickers at the silliness of the original accusation, you can ignore it altogether, or use this as tell-tale sign your opponent is a vulnerable mainstream liberal and pile on the race-trolling until they finally flip the fuck out and ragequit. Don’t over-estimate how much media pull these little faggots actually exert, since your base honestly doesn’t care what Huffington Post or MSNBC says about you, and certain people take their silly lefty narratives and turn them into toilet paper anyway.

“Remember, always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may hate you. But those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.” -Richard Nixon