14.88 Rules of Engagement in Ferguson

TRS’s collective palms are clasped, rubbing in anticipation of the coming Grand Jury’s announcement that Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted for shooting “unarmed” Dindu Mike Brown back in August. It appears that TRS is not the only organization who are predicting that once again, in Race War UhmeriKKKa, facts and evidence get in the way of liberal narrative and rent-seeking. The Don’t Shoot Coalition also seems to see the writing on the wall, and have hilariously drafted a list of demands for new “rules of engagement” between the Ferguson Police and the expected mob of unruly Dono Nuffins who will most likely burn Ferguson to the ground in “protest.” (I’m sure we could expect them to burn it down in celebration too, should Wilson actually be indicted.)

The list of demands is mind blowing. They are literally asking that law enforcement accommodate an angry black mob’s inability to keep its animal rage under wraps. I shit you not, one of the demands is for tolerance in “minor law breaking” such as “throwing water bottles” at police. This of course is what concerned citizens do when petitioning those in power to hear their grievances. The Coalition is openly admitting here that they break the law, that they have been breaking the law, and that the powers that be should just SSHHHHH…Just let it happen…

It'll be over soon...
It’ll be over soon…
Another demand is that the Dindu’s be alerted 48 hours in advance of the Grand Jury’s announcement.  MFW I can’t tell if they want 48 hours to psychologically brace themselves for the worst, or if they want 48 hours to fortify their positions and organize a more effective chimpout. Oh! Oh! Here’s an even BETTER one! They are requesting that the police force leave the riot gear, rubber bullets and tear gas at home. That’s a great idea! Not having proper protective gear and effective non-lethal weaponry on hand will make it, like, super moar easier for them to “tolerate minor law breaking” such as being charged and overrun by an angry dark mob who has had 48 hours to draw up a plan of action in the streets!  I suggest you go read these demands (pdf) for yourself. It doesn’t take a military strategerist’s mind to decipher them as “19 ways to surrender your city to barbarians.” Of course, in a subsequent press release,  Don’t Shoot asserted that should these demands not be agreed to, “If we see violence, make no mistake, the responsibility for it lies with law enforcement.” Cool story, bruh. The existence of a Police Force attempting to keep/restore law and order is not in and of itself an act of aggression, no matter how much Cop Block you read. (And let’s face it, you don’t read Cop Block. That’s for white bougie potheads. Oh, and reading is for white people.)

This is yet another incidence of a small group of educated, right-side-of-the-bell-curve, white-presenting blacks unable to break their loyalty to the Chimpenprole who can’t figure out that violence and crime carry just consequences. Can anyone imagine educated, intelligent above-average whites forming a political activist group with the mission of protecting the rights of Meth Cooks? Literally petitioning the DEA to tolerate their wrongdoing?

Leniency, BITCH!
Leniency, BITCH!
I’m no fan of playing the “libruls R da reel raycists” card, but shit! You’re black and educated, you are capable of living among us and adhering to the rule of law and good conduct, but you can’t resist white-knighting for a violent mob of black faces? Because they look like you? What is it about top tier blacks that prevents them from disassociating with their criminal untermenschen? You obviously can see that you came from the* lowest rung* of the human biodiversity ladder, and managed to climb. You can see that these people can’t control their impulses and can’t internalize evidence and facts that contradict their knee-jerk ignorant opinions. You need to see that *you’re not one of them! *What’s the sense of wearing hipster-glasses if you’re just going to be a nigger in hipster glasses?

Those glasses say you take water bottles in your ass.
Those glasses say you tolerate water bottles in your ass.
If you really wanted to help the Chimpenprole move forward, you’d be trying to educate them on why what Michael Brown did was wrong, and explaining that the police are in fact, sadly, not out there randomly shooting black men for fun. You would not be trying to get the police to agree to let the black mob throw water bottles at them. You should try to encourage them to see that “Justice” does not mean that the mob gets what it wants, facts and evidence be damned. You can’t fix stupid, but you shouldn’t fucking encourage it.

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