Being TRS at the Polling Place: A Voters Guide to 2014 and Beyond

Much of the alt-right edgisphere is filled with voices crying and screaming about the act of voting for one reason or another. They’ll say voting is some form of statist violence, isn’t anti-jew enough, betrays their Skyrim heritage, or they’ll get mad that no kings are on the ballot. All of these are very shitty reasons not to vote.

The TRS position on voting is that while democracy is very, very shitty; voting is something one ought to do, especially while operating in a dildo society with universal suffrage.

Furthermore, if you’re an Amerifat like me, you should be voting straight ticket Republican.

TRS, It's on the Ballot.

Yes. The Republican party is by and large very shitty. Yes. The basic American conservatism is essentially just progressivism. Yes, a whole lot of Republicans are absolutely smash-your-head-into-a-brick-wall terrible. But you aren’t voting for them because of their policies when being TRS at the ballot box: you’re voting for them because of what they do to liberals in the United States, and across the world.

Recall for a moment, if you will, the George W. Bush presidency in America. Two wars, and a massive horde of shrieking liberals decrying GWB as the hellsatan incarnate. Recall, if you will, how many times you heard someone talk about “human rights” for polyamorous genderqueers during those years. Don’t strain yourself: you never heard any of that shit during the GWB presidency. We didn’t have Gamergate or anything even remotely analogous to it. We didn’t have women walking around NYC for 10 hours to rent seek from men. We didn’t have FKH8 abusing children. We didn’t have Miriam Weeks getting facefucked to fight the Patriarchy. We didn’t have leftist philosophers wanting to dismantle predator prey relationships. Nobody gave much of a shit about the Washington Redskins or the Fighting Illini.  We didn’t have Black Girl Dangerously. There was a very explicit reason for this: George W. Bush.


When an evil reTHUGliKKKan is sitting on the throne, all of the left’s energy and rhetoric is channeled into a singular purpose: hating and attacking the evil white man with a red tie who is waging a war on women from the White House and killing/attempting to contain brown people. Dildos temporarily hit the brakes and take a backseat while they march in the streets against the evil Republicans, the likes of which they cannot even imagine as actual people–rather, they think of them as either toothless rednecks shooting guns and talking about how much they hate blacks or pipe smoking plutocrats who drink wine made from the blood of working single mothers. The Republican on the throne? Well he’s a toothless redneck plutocrat. The Liberal Satan, incarnate.

The hatred that the left channels towards the Republican Presidential effigy is so vile, so intense that they cannot shut the fuck up about Ronald Reagan or either George Bush to this very day. Even candidates like John McCain/Sarah Palin/Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan who didn’t actually make it to the White House are still being abused by leftists like a homeless man lighting a cigarette butt that he found in a dumpster. There is a lot of control these candidates have over leftists. They occupy a huge portion of their minds. Here at TRS, we encourage you to abuse the shit out of this by voting for Republican candidates unironically.

In no way am I suggesting you start attending Republican fundraising events or canvassing your neighborhoods. I’m suggesting that when you visit the polling place, and you should, think about which candidate would be most triggering to liberals. No, not Jack Fellure, someone with a shot at actually winning. Punch that fucking ballot like you were voting “Sí” on the 1988 Chilean national plebiscite, and walk out of there knowing you’ve committed an act against dildos that has utility beyond leaving edgy comments on HuffPost articles.


A slightly less dildo world is possible.

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Bob Steinberg is an edgy right winger living in the American Midwest.