Psychedelic Stupidity

In our modern drug addled post-hippy youth culture, spawned  from the cesspools of Woodstock and LSD drum circles of hairy White women, the concept of shitting all over the senses and perception as an enlightening and “eye-opening” experience is most certainly not a new thing. Bored White kids with little life challenge will continue to accelerate this trend, as mimicking the spiritual lifestyle of dindu shamans mowed over by the racist hand of modernity is sure to bring one to a higher plane of thought and existence. What a truly powerful thing it must be to mentally escape our oppressive construct, and set upon the great path of Juju. Pass the ayahuasca bro, I need to open my third eye.

Teach me your ways, mysterious dindu.
Teach me your ways, mysterious master.
Speaking of ayahuasca, the most fashionable path to “muh eye” as of at least four or five years ago in the West (and still going strong), is most definitely the use of the psychedelic compound Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT. Yeah, I know this topic is old, and it’s a bit random to bring this up now, but this isn’t the standard psychedelic brain raping trend. Something about this particular hippie craze is worth discussing. What has made this particular drug  fashionable is it offers not only a path to “muh eye”, but to anti-religious and anti-establishment narratives. Why is this?

The modern myths of Dimethyltryptamine, as so strategically spread by dumb motherfuckers like Joe Rogan and Adam Kokesh, allow for a creative form of degenerate rebellion. The idea is that DMT is naturally produced in the pineal gland (muh eye), and is the reason for not only our dreams, but for all near-death experiences. It is believed that the pineal glad excretes a large amount of DMT upon birth and death, and this belief allows one to hold an anti-establishment position (psychedelics are natural, man), as well as a firm anti-religious position (there ain’t no afterlife, man). Because most people don’t give a fuck about DMT, this misconception of the compound is basically allowed to run wild. You can see why rebellious dweebs, self loathing addicts, and Libertarians would be so eagerly drawn to the drug.

These myths were first spread by a man named Richard Strassman handrub. In his book *The Spirit Molecule, *Strassman essentially lies to his readers, presenting “theories”  without explaining that his claims were a mere hypothesis- untested, unsupported, and pretty fucking stupid if you ask me. Seriously, his hypothesis is essentially built on the simple observation that trace amounts of DMT are found inside all humans, followed by massive leaps that have no rationale for belief. Because of this, I don’t believe Strassman was being sincere with his writings on any basis. I believe he simply kept his eye on the shekels.

Unfortunately, the fact that he has a PhD is enough to convince Roganites, ancaps, and other maaaans, that his hypotheses are true. What sucks is the Strassman garbage is spread so far and thick that gathering actual data on the compound is buried underneath a dense heap of “mind-expanding” garbage. Fortunately, there are some real neuroscientists who actually bother to respond to Strassman’s shekel nabbing:

“We are aware that there is DMT in our nervous system but these are hardly traces and there is no evidence that this substance is involved in any mental process; likewise, in our body there are 40 other tryptamines,” says neuroscientist José Carlos Bouso. “The hypothesis of DMT as‘The Spirit Molecule’ is just that: a pure hypothesis, as Strassman himself has later acknowledged, although it has been taken as axiomatic by many people”.

Upon actually bothering to do some research of DMT, I thought it would be in my best interest to correct those who spread these Strassman falsehoods. To my lulzy surprise, each time I have corrected a maaaan on the misconceptions regarding DMT, I have only been met with rage. After all, it’s no fun when you can’t talk down to religious folk anymore. It’s not enough to believe that near-death experiences most likely  occur from a natural internal reaction. No, you need to be able to tell grandma that the light at the end of the tunnel was “natural psychedelics, man.” Oh, and fuck the state while we’re at it. Fascists be keepin’ me away from all muh naturals.


Mysteries aren’t fun. They allow people to wonder, philosophize, and set sail across uncharted seas. Life is so much better when you have it all figured out, and just take a big ol’ drag off the freedom blunt.

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