Shoah Transcript: The Shitlord Report

By popular demand, here is the transcript of The Shitlord Report as read by Kimmy Goebbels in episode 12 of The Daily Shoah!

I Can’t. I Just Can’t. I’m Kimmy Goebbels and this is The Shitlord Report.

National Review reported this week that a trans-gendered girl-thing got into Wellesley College by checking the “female” box on the application, even though shuh-he identifies as, WAIT FOR IT;

“masculine-of-center genderqueer.”

Privilege Upgraded.
Of course, masquerading as some kind of faggot is every girl’s prerogative, and no one had any problem with ITs existence on campus. UNTIL, the dickless fag-dyke decided to “run for the school’s office of Multicultural Affairs Coordinator, whose job is to promote a ‘culture of diversity’ on campus.”

The other strong, independent women in the race dropped out in protest, and a movement was started among the gaggling harpies to abstain from voting. (This of course would be the first time ever that a bunch of feminazi cunts ever tried to into abstinence. I’m sure it’s going to work perfectly.)

The student behind the Abstinence from Voting brainfart had to say for herself:

“Having men in elected leadership positions undermines the idea of this being a place where women are the leaders.”

Oh really now? Lets leave aside all the evidence and experience we may or may not have regarding whether or not slits can into leadership effectively. Let’s try not to trip over ourselves in the race to deny female agency and laugh at their need to have a “safe space” like Wellesley College set up where they can exist and operate without the constant temptation to do dishes and iron shirts from male students being all male and stuff.

Lets also leave aside the complete and absolute absurdity of taking seriously the whims and fantasies of obviously damaged and broken individuals that they back the typical progressive into its own corner of microaggressions and oppression infinite loops. Let’s not dwell on the simple solution being to just whisper to each other “it doesn’t actually HAVE A DICK, so it’s not REALLY an evil white male, just go with it, sisters!”

Let’s try and focus our ever-rolling eyes on the idea here that our celebrated white male privilege is SO ALL POWERFUL and SO SELF EVIDENT that a mentally ill, obviously coddled, enabled, post modern girl-thing-dude PRETENDING she’s SORT OF A GUY is enough to upend all gains made by STRONK, INDERBENDETN WIMMINZ at Wellesley College, including farting out graduates who learned above all that staying married to your man is the proper response when he’s getting blown by a landwhale in the next room, because while divorce is every girl’s prerogative, it just doesn’t poll well.

Also Masculine-Of-Center
If all sex is rape, divorcing a rapist is meaningless anyway.
I mean really, if fag/dyke girl-boy thing is elected to some feelgood/made up title/position of fake authority over “diversity” (at a school that excludes half the population as part of its mission?!) obviously, future carpet-baggers riding their husband’s coattails might actually jump ship on their broken, only-child arranged marriages and figure out THE HARD WAY that behind every “strong, independent woman” is a [cheating] husband pulling the strings for her! I don’t see how that will help end rape culture.

How weak and pathetic, if not completely non-existent, is the opposition to white Patriarchy if it can be beaten back by a confused, unfortunate girl dressing up as a boy and seeking “authority” (in big, BIG quotes)? If patriarchy is strong enough that at girl in slacks can pretend to wield it with this much success, perhaps, maybe that’s a pretty good sign that we NEED patriarchy to keep us safe? Maybe a little mansplaining from an overgrown clit is what these chicks need to get us back on track?

For The Right Stuff Dot Biz, I’m Kimmie Geobbels, and this is The Shitlord Report.

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