FCKH8: Child Abuse Is Progressive (And Profitable)!

Source: Upworthy, Buzzfeed, everywhere.  This one is massively viral, for obvious reasons.


”Watch a bunch of little girls curse like sailors to promote feminism!”
Implying adult feminists aren’t themselves emotionally-stunted children in oversexed bodies.

What follows is a two and a half minute video where some bourgie kindergarten-aged girls mimic the horrible influences in their lives. The girls are made to talk about things that make me cringe. I guess childhood innocence is a patriarchal microaggression, and making little girls discuss rape and say “fuck” is empowering or something.

The girls move in a very artificial, jerky and rehearsed manner. By their facial expressions and inflections it’s obvious that the swear words and the concepts discussed are well above their comprehension level. The children see this as a dance routine, and not an ideology or belief that they have any real investment in.

And this is very problematic.

Why? Because it shows the audience that the children are not feminists, that they lack the understanding to make such a personal choice regarding their identity. This also shows that the people involved in producing this video have no issue with using children to promote something they don’t have the agency to agree or disagree with in the first place. I suppose FCKH8 believes they will help end coercion… by coercing some particularly vulnerable members of human society to talk about rape and say “fuck” in a dress. I guess society will feel too challenged to notice that contradiction.

Around the two minute mark two adult females, a white-presenting black and a grotesquely obese white, take over the video and…  Start hawking t-shirts. For good causes, I’m sure.

I’ve asked this in a previous article: *where do the ads end and social commentaries begin? *Where does FCKH8’s sales pitch end, and it’s radical ideology begin?