Ordain Women Sucks

Article Submission By Captain Moroni

Editor’s Note: We have had a number of Mormons involved in the group since before we started the blog in 2012.  I’m excited one of them has finally produced an article!

*While I do not profess the LDS faith, I am in complete agreement with Cpt. Moroni’s stance against women preachers/priests. I find Mormons vastly preferable to the esoteric mystics or pagans normally found in the reactionary milieu.

Boo hoo. Go to a “church” that will have you.
For anyone who cared (read: no one), a mouthy feminist was finally excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Unsurprisingly, large media outlets jumped at the chance to shame a pillar of patriarchy and tradition.

The shame didn’t stick well, at least for those of us who enjoy no longer having to associate by faith with creatures like Kate Kelly.  The media eventually moved on, but the flock has nevertheless been exposed to a foul and contagious disease.

For background, this past worldwide church meeting (General Conference) in April was making international news with “active” LDS women seeking entrance into the male exclusive Priesthood meeting in self proclaimed preparation to be ordained in said Priesthood.  By mingling scripture with the philosophies of men, the women and so-called “men” of Ordain Women intend to socially pressure Church leaders to cave into their demands.   After trying to patiently ignore Kate Kelly and her minions, action had to be taken before more souls were led astray.

1 Corinthians 14:33-35
1 Corinthians 14:33-35
The response on all sides has been typical.  The Church has made a weak attempt at reconciliation, which is of course not enough when dealing with that which seeks your utter destruction.  Mormon feminists, LDS apologists and every stripe in between repeat the same mantras with a small twist.

All of it avoids the real problem: the end goal of feminism.

OW tries to play itself off as something spiritual in nature, something different from the secular crowd.  Which is of course a disgusting lie.  While women certainly hold a place of importance and distinction in God’s plan, the authority OW seeks is in direct opposition to His will.  The Ordain Women crowd are not guided by the divine; rather, they are guided by selfish, secular, feminist notions with only the thinnest veneer of spirituality tacked on for show.

What of those who actually submit to “religious” feminism? By attempting to mix secular notions of “equality” into scripture, they go against the fundamental workings of God himself as outlined in Genesis 2.  What happens to churches that give in to this progressive mantra? Simply put, they fail.  A church is no longer a Church when the Divine order in Christ’s Church is replaced with easy feels, when divine scripture is replaced with Huffington Post.

If man and woman loses its sense of being then the Church, indeed all of humanity dies.  Gender roles are divinely inspired, were divinely intended, and has worked according to His plan since Genesis.  The very bedrock of tradition, history, Church authority and religious understanding is destroyed in the name of progress.  Those who pick equality over divine guidance will find themselves with neither.

A house divided cannot stand.  Our distinctly male utility in God’s hands is the last stand on solid ground before crossing the Tiber.