#DetroitWater: Responsibility Is Hard

turn“You can now pay someone’s delinquent Detroit water bill online!” writes Kiratiana Freelon at the Washington Post.  How wonderful.

The Detroit Water Project, started by two women on twitter (and people with, you know, actual programming and organizational experience), has seen coverage by news outlets like Al Jazeera, The Atlantic, and CBS.

I find myself asking if this project was something liberal whites have been anticipating…  I then laugh at myself for asking such a silly question.

Oh noes, actions may have consequences!
Oh noes, actions may have consequences!
Of course white liberals are celebrating the Detroit Water Project.  Here is a place where whitey can atone for her original sin of progressing beyond barbarism, spreading the Enlightenment and being the light of the world.  Civilization is probably racist, anyway.

Of course, these “caring” liberals are too self-centered, too focused on their atonement, to consider the wider implications of their action.  Allow me to elucidate.

What they are doing is being the adult for overgrown children.  Perhaps I am being unfair: I’ve seen children who can prioritize human necessity over trendy shoes and parties.

Despite a vibrant welfare culture cultivated over generations, not to mention millions of dollars already being spent in domestic aid effort, whites are still needed to carry thousands of Detroit citizens.  To the tune of over half a million dollars.  Because paying bills is hard.  Because Detroit blacks cannot be expected pay one utility bill in a timely manner.  Or ever.

Although Detroit residents have until the end of July to avoid the water shut-off, Bell said she and Tillman have no plans to end the Detroit Water Project project anytime soon.

“If they owe now,” she said, “they are going to owe 15 days from now.”

These bleeding hearts either don’t know or care that safety nets pose a choking hazard.  These efforts to separate blacks from reality almost certainly guarantees that no lesson will be learned, that no human growth will occur.  That’s not going to achieve human equality, that doesn’t empower the African-American.  At best over half of Detroit is reduced to a Daycare; at worst, a wildlife refuge.  Bluntly stated, the Free Water Project is another step towards reinventing the wheel of slavery.

I ask myself if liberal whites or American blacks will ever notice the destructive nature of their relationship…    I then laugh at myself for asking such a silly question.