Hobby Lobby's Birth Controlocaust

[Source] – Who else but Huffpo?

So yesterday with a snicker-snack! the Supreme Court delivered a terrible blow to women’s rights or something with a split decision in favor of businesses refusing to cover contraception on the basis of religious beliefs.

Behold, America’s impending theocratic oppression.  Or something.


Unsurprisingly, the social networks became a veritable flood of liberal asstears and hysterics in response.  Some of the more enlightened examples of these lumpenprole went so far as to call for (someone else) to burn Hobby Lobby stores down, which I find hilarious on many levels.  Not only are these people resorting to childish tantrum throwing, they are too spoiled and lazy to even throw the tantrum.  It’s a good thing leftism holds considerable power in this country, I don’t think they have the energy, conviction, or attention span necessary to take power in any meaningful manner.  *¡A las sillas de ordenador! *

Now to be fair, you may find a few rationally-presented arguments against today’s ruling.  While perhaps good for inspiring a more meaningful discussion, I see no reason to give emotional overreactions to the ruling any intellectual merit.  What is presented below amounts to means that will hopefully reduce any wasted energy on my reader’s part  when it comes to dismissing the subject.  There are better things to fight about than a woman’s right to have other people be responsible for her.

– Consider that a woman’s preference to prevent pregnancy is still being accommodated, even by Hobby Lobby itself.  To anyone willing to look it up, the evil Green family has no moral objection to 16 of the 20 methods of birth control, and only opposes the remaining 4 because they believe it threatens the life of the woman and/or works as an abortion.  80% is apparently not pro-woman enough.  Nothing is ever pro-woman enough.

– Consider that even in the case where a private company does not want to pay for the most common forms of birth control on religious grounds, this in no way affects anyone’s ability to get birth control, being a common and affordable product cheaper than a female haircut.

– Consider that it is hard to argue that religious rulings unfairly discriminate against atheists unless you concede that atheism is a religion.  You cannot have any meaningful legal equality between a belief and the absence of it.

– Consider that you have no actual right to demand that someone provide you with a non-essential service or good.  This does not change when you don’t like their religious beliefs.  If you seriously feel “suffocated” or “oppressed” because you cannot force people to sacrifice their beliefs to accommodate yours, you’re not only stupid but undermining the liberal conception of human rights that the western legal system is built upon.  Yeah, oops.

redherring- (In response to the stupid meme pictured on the right) Consider that Viagra and birth control are related but not identical in terms of purpose.  It is not hypocrisy or sexism because stiff penises, sorry-not-really.  Also, Viagra in this context is only covered if considered medically necessary for infertility.  As an elective (like birth control), it isn’t covered.  In fact, considering that the electives in question (birth control) are still being covered as mentioned above, this meme is actually both stupid in presentation and unfair in application…  Which is why it’s being circulated by the left in the first place.

People are actually arguing that Democracy fails catastrophically when the lowest common denominator doesn’t have its preferences accommodated.  And by “accommodated,” they really mean “submitted to absolutely.” This is why even leftists cannot take their own beliefs and arguments seriously.  We’d have seen violence on the streets long before now if these people actually believed in the silly garbage they tweet.

I will conclude by sharing a brilliant musing by my friend Ghoul:

“Nobody actually cares if Hobby Lobby pays for Birth Control or not.  Nobody cares at all.  This is rather a goofy little cultural Right vs Left phenomenon happening.  A reason for us to piss and moan at one another.  A reason for Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh to hear themselves talk.  A reason to rent-seek across the entire Left/Right spectrum.

This is what democracy does to people.  Cat-fighting with each other over a stupid arts and crafts store.”