Keyboard Humanitarianism Defends The Homeless

Source: The Independent

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I find myself asking, how many of these angry people actually live in those flats?

Lol just kidding.  I already know the answer.

According to the Independent article, this picture was taken by a super concerned pedestrian in the borough of Southwark.  I wonder, how many of those people who are reacting to this photo are aware of the crime rate in this area?


Lol just kidding.  I don’t wonder at all.

User @CraigMcVegas described them as “barbarism”, adding: “A society should be judged on how it treats its most vulnerable.”

Churches and aid organizations exist to provide succor for the most vulnerable.  Surprisingly, it turns out human kindness existed before Liberalism.  A cursory google search shows me six churches and “humanitarian officer” job openings for the borough (decent-ish pay, to boot).  England loves them some Labour party; don’t tell me public housing and the like doesn’t exist in Southwark.

The western world abounds with enough surplus to salvage these people, yet people choose to live this way.  People choose to deny themselves basic hygiene and comfort to squat in corners.  It’s common sense to recognize that such people are probably not safe to coexist with.  It’s common sense that people would prefer to minimize interaction with these people, that the safety of one’s self and their loved ones probably takes precedence over the comfort of likely dangerous lumpenprole.

And fact of the matter is, the keyboard humanitarians agree.  *You’ll never, ever, ever find these concerned lovers of their fellow man actually enjoying fellowship with people that aren’t exactly like them.  Dealing with the riff-raff is for people who vote Republican/Conservative and like, believe in God and stuff.  Yuck.**

Indeed, I judge a society that expects other people to deal with the most vulnerable to impossible standards they themselves have no interest in following quite harshly.