Narcissists Of New York: Motherhood

Here is something to tide you fellows over until I have the time to properly respond to Ghoul’s article on libertarianism:


“I love my daughter…  But I also love my job.”

“Part of me wants…  Part of me feels like I…  I… I…”

I owe it to her to do what I want.

Nowadays the only meaningful difference between adult and child is the elaboration of their excuses.  Going by the quote, I’d wager she has a diploma and at least one collegiate degree in advanced adolescence.

In a more sane time she would have the biological father involved in this choice.  Reading her words, it is obvious there is no man in this relationship… it is obvious there is no child, either.  There is only herself.

Over 100,000 people didn’t see that.  Those over 100,000 people very likely vote and participate in this society.  That’s a problem.