Liberty Without Agency: Food Insecurity In College

Source: Washington Post

In an ongoing crusade to distract us from our total lack of self or cultural identity, the West now comes to face the latest crisis-that-isn’t: food insecurity.

For someone who struggles to make $50 a week for provisions, Paul’s attire is pretty trendy.  I wager that jacket could secure him a few weeks of “nutritional food,” alone.

As an American I grew up watching commercials where fat white women begged for donations to feed some African warlord starving African children.  Images of emaciated children convey “insecurity” a lot better than a picture of a well-groomed, feminine white boy with Beatles haircut and cat lady glasses.

Inventing “food insecurity” and presenting me instances of people whining about their right to food porn while earning a BA in Advanced Adolescence does nothing to make me feel less apathetic to a westerner unable to prioritize.

In fact, I feel downright hostile at the underlying suggestion that I must provide something so basic to someone who is supposedly accomplished enough to earn a degree in higher education.  Why are you there if you can’t feed yourself? What value can you offer the economy when you apparently fail to accomplish the most basic survival strategies? What can we expect these people to add to society when they spend the first two to three decades of their life begging for entitlements and avoiding hardship? Can we seriously expect a piece of paper to deprogram a lifetime of parasitism and narcissism?

Joe Bradley, 22, another GMU student, couldn’t ask his parents for help. He moved out of his family’s house after a fight with his father and spent a semester homeless and hungry while eating friends’ leftovers and trying to keep up with school.

“Going to sleep hungry, it’s kind of a lonely feeling,” he said. “I felt weak a lot.” He eventually dropped out and now lives with his brother in Nevada.

True hunger doesn't have time for existential crisis, numbnuts.
True hunger doesn’t have time for existential crisis, numbnuts.
Joe Bradley and WaPo’s whiny children represent a Liberal society facing Diminishing Returns.  A world of ever-lowering standards to accommodate impossible and unchallenged ideals, we are fast becoming incapable of dealing with reality.  Joe and numerous others can no longer separate rights from responsibilities, cause from effect.  This is how simple hardship that accompanies poor choices and life in general can become an issue of social justice.