Know Too Much: Belle Knox's Family

“Devout Catholic dad returns from Afghanistan to find his daughter is a porn star!”

The absolute worst thing about this link is the question posed within the article’s picture.  Over a CATHEDRAL, no less.

To ask the question is to answer “no.”
> Dr. Weeks was shocked that daughter Miriam Weeks — known as sex kitten Belle Knox in her porn moonlighting — was doing the deed on film so she could help out with Duke’s massive tuition.

The doctor and his wife are devout Catholics from Spokane, Wash., who will embrace Miriam no matter what she does, according to family members.

Kevin Weeks, 54, and wife Harcharan, 48, have always made education a top priority for their kids, Miriam, 18, Anita, 20, and Paul, 22.  All three kids went to a local Jesuit school, prestigious Gonzaga Prep in Spokane.

First off, lol at the comfortable origins of a future feminist blogger with a prestigious degree in rent seeking.  The estimate for Dr. Weeks’ salary range around the $200k mark, not counting other sources of income (every* doc I know invests*).

There is no way I’m buying the argument that Miriam went to Duke not knowing how to pay the bills.  It is patent nonsense to suggest a family would allow their 18 year old girl to go to Duke expecting her to foot $45k a year, especially a high-brow family like Miriam’s.

Miriam didn’t get into porn because she didn’t know where her next meal was coming; it is laughable to think she was ever in a financial straight.

That her decision to do porn did not come from desperation can be also seen from her reaction to being outed.  There was no shame, but an xojane post.  Miriam did not go see a priest, she went on Piers Morgan…  “Devout Catholic,” indeed.

You don’t know me,” declared Miriam’s first xojane post.  We have since learned that this statement was not a condemnation, but a situation she intended to rectify.  “You don’t know me, but you will soon enough.”

And what have we come to know about Belle Knox? That she is the youngest of three in a family existing in the 33% tax bracket.  That she went to a prestigious prep school and grew up in a gated community.  That she comes from a supposedly religious upbringing (tithes are a great write-off).

We know that Miriam Weeks had the world handed to her, yet she chose to take dick on camera.

How did this happen? Because like I’ve mentioned in previous articles: feminists and the coddled moderns of this world do not understand the classics (Source: TLP):

How do you make a child know himself?  You surround him with mirrors. “This is what everyone else sees when you do what you do.  This is who everyone thinks you are.”

Narcissus was never allowed to meet real danger, glory, struggle, honor, success, failure; only artificial versions manipulated by his parents.   He was never allowed to ask, “am I a coward?  Am I a fool?”  To ensure his boring longevity his parents wouldn’t have wanted a definite answer in either direction.

He was allowed to live in a world of speculation, of fantasy, of “someday” and “what if”.   He never had to hear “too bad”, “too little” and “too late.”

It seems paradoxical: smother a child with love and they will never find it on their own.  Given everything, Miriam Weeks exists today as less than nothing.  The only thing she knew growing up was a world bent to accommodate her desires.  When she left the home she knew nothing else.

Miriam is a child that was never allowed the opportunity to grow up.  That she conflates FacialAbuse with empowerment, a porn scene to “being at home” is absolutely, horrifically, tragically no surprise.

Back to TLP:

They didn’t teach him (Narcissus) how to resist temptation, how to deal with lack.  And they most certainly didn’t teach him how NOT to want what he couldn’t have.  They didn’t teach him *how to want.

The result was that he stopped having desires and instead desired the feeling of desire.

Nemesis had an easy job, she only had to work backwards: show him something that didn’t return his love, and he’d be hooked.

Narcissus was shown a pool of water, and Miriam was shown a camera lens.

Read her inane blog posts, watch her interview clips.  Recognize they are as meaningful as the dialogue in her porn scenes.  Duke, feminism, Catholicism, family, porn…  Nothing she says matters because to her nothing matters.    She lives in an empty fantasy even as men treat her body as a punching bag for their crotches.  She will most likely grow old and die never knowing anything that truly matters, least of all herself.

Knowing this much about nothing, hopefully we can learn how to avoid it in our own lives.