It Is Never Happening


Maybe it will happen.  doompaul.jpg*

Perhaps the West will collapse.  Perhaps global dominance will finally slip away from the Hydra in Washington.  Perhaps the social welfare programs will finally be too much for the domestic economy to bear.  Perhaps the demographic and political trajectory of the West will lead to unrest, mass secession, a collapse of the dollar, riots, even a Day of the Rope.

Perhaps from this conflict will arise a revolutionary vanguard to seize the apparatus of state and finally steer Americans to a glorious new future.  Or something.

…Except civilization is not so precariously perched, and it’s not happening any time soon…  Probably ever.  Yeah, sorry-not-sorry to break this to you.

This assertion (of reality) will anger a number of readers.  I argue that this is due to a nasty strain of thought found in the far-right and our fellow travelers: the idea that before anything can be done, the West must collapse.

Why? Because the society is depraved?

I spend more time than is healthy viewing the work of those who revel in their self-destruction, those who are of a mind to take as many to Hell with them as possible.  As monstrous as these “activists” and “artists” may be, I find nothing in their actions that merit humanity’s collapse to animalism.

I am not willing to give up on the work of my ancestors because people conflate masturbation with art, that our grandparents went a little rotten over tie-dye and dildos.  Neither am I interested in following those who would quit on their fellow man so soon.  Truth be told, I don’t see anything fundamentally different between them and the woman knitting out of her vagina.

I foresee nothing in the ashes of civilization that will protect man from returning to hedonism and depravity.  The collapse of the Roman Empire was a thing, human history is a thing.  Societies rise and fall: man hasn’t fundamentally changed.

To hate man for tending towards self-destruction is to hate man qua man.  One would have a better time understanding such things in Church: lrn2OriginalSin.


To be blunt, it seems to me that “the West” isn’t the one who needs the wake-up call, here.

“Happening” fetishism does nothing to help one be a better man, does nothing to advance an ideal…  Any ideal for that matter.  The same goes for the manosphere’s *reductio ad penetrationem, *or the garbage spewed by those purporting to enjoy the decline.  There is nothing reactionary or revolutionary or even unliberal in this poisoned thinking: Feminists reduce everything to sex, and millions enjoy the decline and fantasize about survivalism on AMC.

Idealizing barbarism will do nothing to undo the damage of modernity, it offers nothing to lift humanity up, it will not save your soul.  Where there is pessimism there will be no reaction or revolution, no progress or change.  Where there is man alone there will be nothing.

Think about it like this: if civilization deserves to burn, why write or read, love or care? Why even live?

This pro-decline, pro-collapse narrative amounts to anti-natalism, to postmodern eschatology.  The only thing that has**collapsed here is one’s drive to be anything more than more of the same.