Feminism: The Boredom Games


IT HAPPENED TO ME: I witnessed feminism achieve dildo-singularity.


Not the article itself, mind. While it is amusing to read Pia Glen whine about oppression in a language her people didn’t invent, to see her defend a modern “black culture” that was entirely invented by the mercantile branch of The Hydra, this is not the singularity I speak of.

I want you to instead notice what feminists have done with their safe spaces and empowerment.

Ezra Pound would have a field day with this.
Ezra Pound would have a field day with this.
I urge you to peruse xojane and others. Skim through the articles, notice the snarky quips, the elaborate nonsense words underlying the selfies.

Notice the advertisements.

This is why real socialism didn't include women.

Notice the overlap, that the New Consumerist Man has a vagina and an Arts Degree.


When you have looked into this abyss long enough, steel your resolve and ask yourself the question you don’t want to ask: where do the ads end and social commentaries begin?

Realize that feminism is at best a Mary Sue fanfic for these people. While xojane is (so far) the worst out there, all female webspace amounts to the same empty, self-sabotaging, aspirational imagery. One could learn all they need to know about modern marketing by simply perusing these sites.

It’s funny, these are supposed to be cries against oppression. Oppressed people throughout history didn’t seek beauty tips.

The only oppression these women experience comes from within themselves. These feminists are trying to out-shine, out-whine each other. Solidarity became empowerment became self-aggrandizement.


This is what feminists have done. This is the legacy of Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Abigail Adams. In the absence of a strong man telling them what to do, they have created objects to do the same thing.

Notice how vulgarity is idealized, worded-up, aspired to. Notice how ideals, representations of beauty are vulgarized, reduced to physical acts.


Even worse is to realize that to accommodate their alienation, feminists objectify even themselves.

As for the patriarchy? Every man I have shown these pictures to has been triggered. They are flabbergasted. I am still shocked and appalled by what I see in feminism today.

Modern men, even the PUA types, don’t reduce women to the degraded level that feminist “culture” does. Men throughout time never belittled and dehumanized women to this degree.

Ancient Man made women into statues and timeless portraits; modern woman discusses wanting a “fuller” bush and butt exercises.


This is something never seen before in human history. With feminism, Narcissus and Echo are reduced to fleshlight and dildo, respectively.

When it comes to female “empowerment,” lines blur between cannibalism and lesbianism. It’s an embrace of absurdity that would have shocked Camus, Beckett or even Sartre.

Feminism is nothing more than a means to waste time, every feminist is their own special and downtrodden district champion for the Boredom Games.