Pandora's Transgender Box

While the Gay Acceptance Bandwagon has gotten a full head of steam lately in the mainstream, many bored social justice hipsters are already looking for the next new and exotic Civil Right’s Struggle. Enter “Transgender Acceptance,” the brand new scene where you can demonstrate your total free thinking acceptance of subcultures you are only vaguely familiar with.

I have no idea what’s going on here but I fully support it.
I have no idea what’s going on here but I fully support it.
Unfortunately, while everyone knows what a “Person of Color” is or what “Homosexual” means, the label “Transgender” is much less obvious. Does it imply a transexual, a transvestite, a crossdresser, or someone who rejects the entire gender binary? As others have noted, transgender is NOT the same as transsexual, despite tossing the term under its umbrella. A transsexual is someone who essentially believes they were born into a body which is the incorrect sex and wishes to fix the situation through intensive medical surgery. Transsexuals affirm the male/female binary and all that nasty gender essentialism radical feminists frown upon. In fact, the very acceptance of the transsexual’s identity claim tacitly requires one acknowledge the existence of quantifiably intrinsic male/female characteristics. While there is some debate over transsexualism being a medical issue, a psychological condition, or simply an existential self-delusion, the transsexual typically makes a very concrete claim about their identity.

Scissoring optional.
Scissoring optional.
“Transgender,” on the other hand, is a blanket category cast over any sort of non-mainstream, “cis-hetero” (normal) preferences. Unlike transsexuals, who are at least dedicated enough to their story to put their genitals under the knife, a “transgender” person doesn’t need to go to such lengths to qualify their identity claim at all. In fact, “transgenderist” originally was used to describe garden variety crossdressers. A “transgender” person in modern parlance could be a crossdressing straight guy, a bisexual taking hormone replacements, a tomboy, or someone who’s just temporarily fucking confused. “Confusion” really is the most apt description here, since no one can agree on what exactly “transgender” means. The only certain constant in this entire scenario is the earnest agreement that you damned well better accept them for what ever the fuck it is that they believe themselves to be.

If you don't accept me, you’re a fucking bigot.
If you don’t accept me, you’re a fucking bigot.
Granted, less credulous individuals might express some skepticism about the essential premise underpinning this entire movement: Why should I respect someone’s identity claims purely based on their say-so? If I claimed to be an African bushman trapped in a white man’s body, I couldn’t fault anyone for questioning my assertion or perhaps making some colorful observations about my overall psychological health. Yet I am expected to somberly nod my head when someone declares themselves to be a “male bodied, female identified genderfluid pansexual?” Why should I be expected give a single shred of credence to such preening, narcissistic word-saladry?

Furthermore, if I am to understand that gender is merely a social construct, then anyone trying to assume a specific gender identity is merely an intentional liar promulgating a complete fiction and populating it with a caricature of conscious deception. This premise explicitly denies the validity of the transsexual identity claim in particular, and it was on shaky ground to begin with. After all, I can claim I’d be happier as a Klingon all I want, but everyone knows I have absolutely no reference point for what “being Klingon” actually entails, only my biased, external perceptions of it. (You can bet your ball of vaginal knitting the radical feminists know these arguments inside and out) Furthermore, why is a “transgender” person incorporating “artifacts” normally used to signal a specific gender orientation into their personal appearance in the first place? If such an individual were truly beyond the gender binary, why the fuck would they put on lipstick? These twisted aberrations need to be honest with us and admit this is more about their own sick little fetishes and the need to be seen as “feminine” or “masculine” and has absolutely jack shit to do with a wholesale rejection or “challenge” to the gender binary itself.

Of course the real danger here with Transgender Acceptance is it really does require us as a society to naively treat all identity claims as legitimate. I don’t think it takes much imagination at all to see how this could result in some potential friction and undesirable scenarios, most obviously the understandable outrage individuals feel when someone has intentionally deceived them. The most fascinatingly disgusting aspect of the transgender/transsexual issue in general is the bizarre idea that someone else’s right to lie and deceive trumps your desire to know the truth. In this bizarre, alternate reality, being fraudulent about your history, or intentionally projecting a false identity is perfectly acceptable behavior, but expressing a concern for honest self-representation and authenticity is seen as actual bigotry. Practical transgender acceptance involves tiptoeing around on eggshells to avoid accidentally offending the delicate tranny flower, since us poor cishetero types have no way to read their minds and determine if they’re a “transwoman” trying to “pass” as female, or simply a cross-dressing man. Now you might find yourself wondering if something is mentally wrong with individuals engaging in such bizarre, aberrant behaviors, but if there is, it’s because your bigotry and intolerance caused it. That’s right, it was your unthinking acceptance of the biologically created patterns of male and female behavior which beat the transgender person down with the Invisible Fist of Heteronormativity and negatively impacted their mental health. How DARE you oppress 0.3 % of the population by using “he” and “she” as pronouns!

Thank God, I was afraid we were gonna run out of struggles...
Thank God, I was afraid we were gonna run out of struggles…
The Transgender Acceptance Train is leaving the station, and pious liberals have realized this provides them with another picture perfect opportunity for self-consciously confessing their sins and developing a New Understanding for their fellow men/transwomen/genderqueers. Socially conscious progressives are all glibly eager to buy a ticket and climb on board, but no one has actually examined how complicated and contradictory the entire package is. Support for Trans Acceptance is just another hot-button issue you’d better get behind, otherwise you’re a damned bigot for being “intolerant” of what ever deviant sophistries these warped degenerates feel like spinning at the moment. Once again the “rights” of an individual to play act and experiment with the novelty of “presenting” as the opposite sex completely trump your personal preference for “authentic” men and women. Remember folks, the “virtue” of the minority is always superior, even if that means accepting intentionally deceptive fictions as legitimate.

Welcome to a brave new world where “discrimination” means not providing mammograms to a male patient, or refusing to pay for a convicted murderer to get gender re-assignment surgeryThis is a society so fucking confused and adrift it cannot even question the identity claims of a six year old child. Say what you want about the “vile oppression” of “patriarchal heternormativity,” but at least it doesn’t tacitly condone the surgical mutilation of children. We are fast achieving a state of such nihilistic, irresponsible hedonism so pervasive that no one would ever dare object to our choices, no matter how blatantly questionable they might be.

Courtesy of this “progress,” if your new “girlfriend” disrobes and reveals a penis, you’d better get down on your knees and enjoy a nice thick load of “transgender acceptance.”