Propaganda: Oppression As Freedom

I thought these types promulgated Blank Slate Theory?
This gem comes from Princess Free Zone, an up-and-coming brand that promises “to offer an alternative for little girls.”  Their page has over 10,000 likes as of this posting.

I think at this point we can safely assume that anything branded as “alternative” or “unique” in the West is guaranteed to involve bending language to accommodate psychological malady. * See also*: Upworthy, social justice, Cultural Marxism.

Firstly let me point out that, despite my qualms with the message, this is nevertheless an example of successful entrepreneurship.

Besides government contracting (I speak from experience), the best method of acquiring wealth today is to exploit Social Justice, the latest frontier in postmodern ennui.  Finding a way to make filth and failure look trendy and chic is to find a way to convince over-educated children to open their wallets.

By establishing that it supports children being used as trendy liberal participation awards, Princess Free Zone has likely increased it’s scope of potential customers.

For any of my readers out there who still entertain notions of acquiring wealth despite the decline, take note…  Oh, and be sure to remember that TRS accepts donations after you become a successful dildo-peddler.


Moving on, there are two ways I would deconstruct the narrative promoted in the tranny-children picture above.

One is to point out that the statement “let children be who they are” is impossible, considering humans are not born with a fully-realized identity.  This sort of thinking is to mix perennial with progressive, Darwin with Locke.  This isn’t surprising, considering the Western narrative hasn’t had a proper dialectical movement in generations.  When all you have to challenge your ideas are Glenn Beck and Ron Paul, you have to create Nazism out of biological realities.

Another method of deconstruction is to point out that the sort of “freedom” this picture professes to support simply cannot exist, because ideas can never be sterilized of bias.

One should then follow up by pointing out that* children know this.  **

Look up youtube videos showing the interaction between the freak child and monster adult.  Notice that the child probes for the correct answer from their “parent.”

Funny how the parents of these kids always seem to support their “free expression.”  Funny how these kids are free to be what they want to be, yet choose to be what their parents like.  What was the name of the nymph who loved Narcissus, again?

Sad to realize these children have to resort to trickery and debasement to enjoy even a facsimile of a stable family relationship.  Even though the children can and will find methods to trick their parent into providing some order, the children are ultimately denied a proper childhood.

The “freedom” this sort of lackadaisical parenting promotes is not really freedom at all, but a paradox of choice.  Authoritarian parenting would give the child fewer choices, and therefore more time to be a child.

Fact is, freedom is antithetical to childishness.  Progressive “parenting” is to destroy a childhood, and retard one’s proper development into an adult.

…But at least they won’t have to dress like princesses.