Solus Homo


I see these broken men with their broken thoughts, barely containing their misery and suffering.

They are unable to cope with a world that overfeeds the body, while starving the soul.

In this world, the closest thing man comes to a movement of the soul is a movement of the bowels.

The majority are able to cope with modernity’s Faustian bargain. Many actually thrive, of a sorts.  The mass doesn’t mind trading the struggle of accomplishment for the dollar menu.  They blithely exist in a zeit without a geist, as cattle graze in the field. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.

Not all are of the mass, which is how man emerged from the caves and trees to conquer the land in the first place.

Those not of the mass, those capable of great beauty, are encouraged in this broken world to achieve great depravity instead.

These people capable of answering a higher calling have nothing calling them in this world. Without this call, they instead become degenerates.

Degeneracy feels more real in this world; to be hated is the closest many come to finding emotional connection with their fellow man. Conflict is the closest we come to actual community in this society; MSNBC and Fox News are the bulwark of a collapsing civilization.

The modern world sees the real purpose behind the betterman’s desperate depravity, their blind search for God; modernity moves to normalize their filth.

These lost men search for a conflict to achieve better; modernity gives them even more ease, more anesthesia. Hush little baby, don’t say a word.

These men are miserable because they plead for community and ideal, and are given porn and contraceptive. Everything that appeals to higher sensibilities must be deconstructed to its most basic, phallic objects.

Modernity killed God, and founded pious atheism and “standardized” hedonism in it’s place. Sick caricatures of better times and ideals.

Our society is constantly changing it’s standards because man can never achieve a standard without a guiding spirit. It could be argued that this lack of focus serves to keep the society from noticing it’s lack of an end goal.

Modernity hates failure, it cannot have God, there can be no bad with the good. So this world sacrifices good and bad in the name mediocrity and emptiness.

They call this world progressive and fair-minded.  We call it miserable. They fail us because they fail themselves.

They destroy community and put in it’s place a shambling abomination. They take everything away from you, so they can give you more broken and cheap baubles. They put you on a pedestal of “empowerment” and “freedom,” making it impossible to see your fellow man, and perilous to climb down.

You are comfortable, but you are alone.

This world continues to avoid the fact that man is not simply material. Man does not update like an iPad. We need something old and set and beautiful to guide us.

That image of a body on a cross would be better a guide, something that helps us when we need something more than simple material.

Modernity and materialism isn’t compatible with some of our most basic needs. Modern man is apathetic and paralyzed, anxious and miserable because porn doesn’t propel the soul. Call of Duty and Facebook doesn’t light our way through the darkness.

The light has always been on inside the Church; few make the effort to go inside anymore.