Is Capitalism The Right Stuff?

Short answer: YES*
Capitalism occupies both a unique and tragic space in Western discourse.

When it is not being loathed as the spiritual adversary of an ungrateful and dependent consumerist-left, Capitalism is being raised as an object of worship by a perversely-rational bowtie-left.

As is typical of modern minds, the underlying religiousness of their narratives is completely missed by its adherents. C’est la vie.

The consumerist relies on Capitalism to provide it means to hate Capitalism; the bowtie relies on the consumerist to provide it means to love the means to hate Capitalism (you may have to read that twice).

The ideological result is equivalent to a parasite feeding upon a parasite. Such is the consequence of basing your civilization on fantasy, but I digress.

This not-dialectic (diannihilectic) between left and lefter creates a paradox, wherein any attempt at serious debate on the subject is immediately reduced to fantastical accusations and reductio ad absurdum. To not support Capitalism is to support the savage tyranny of North Korea; to support Capitalism is to support Miley Cyrus twerking her disgusting ass for the good goyim. To try and point out the false dilemma inherent in this debate is to be hated by everyone.

Finally, there is the fact that, despite its proven potential for having a bizarre and atomizing impact on the populace, Capitalism is fundamentally the best system of production available. Sure, the system today encourages trashiness, but the alternatives look pretty shitty. 10 times out of 10, I would choose the modern market dildocracy over the Venus Project.

Utopia: Now with TWICE the faggotry of Star Trek!
So what do?

First, recognize that Captialism is the smoke, and not the fire. Capitalism is ultimately value free and will conform to the moral trends of society.

That westerners now value objects and actions over ideal and goals is not the fault of capitalism, but a product of humans killing God and being incapable of ever leaving the church. Simply put, the turgid platitudes of Marx and Mises are a poor replacement for the New Testament.

This is the result of an Enlightenment that promised to emancipate man from enslavement to the spiritual realm. The result is that man became enslaved to the irredeemable filth of the physical. What once was a God of the gaps, an ideal that bridged, hacked man’s lack of understanding and ultimate fallibility, is now a system of incomplete, incongruent, and flawed contrivances. You fucking love science? Lrn2gödel

You were promised rational progress, and were instead given totem worship with fake tits.


Human action may be reality, and markets may best facilitate these actions, but many forget the equally-real consequences of human action. Austrian economics cannot make Cathy Reisenwitz less of a degenerate slut. Modern Family cannot make fag marriage promote social stability. Welfare will never improve the Negro, and buying land in New Hampshire won’t protect you from bureaucracy (lolol).

Capitalism offers man a fantastic means to achieve his ends, but it can never be an end unto itself. Something else must fit that role.

In conclusion, I am largely in agreement with my fellow contributors and the majority of the Inner Party on the subject of Capitalism. It receives a bum rap, and is not the ultimate culprit for the West’s degradation.

I call myself anti-capitalist insofar as I am anti-leftist. This is because I argue that the “Capitalism” that would emerge in the absence of The Synagogue would be so radically different as to deserve a different name altogether.

In fact, let us compare and contrast Capitalism with a system my beliefs are seen to be closer aligned with: Feudalism.

Feudalism is derived from the Latin word for “fief,” which is a property that is owned under condition of service to a higher authority, usually a King. Guess what, modern property is owned under condition of service to a higher authority. Guess what, the Non-Aggression Principle would be a higher authority property is owned under. Nothing new under the sun.

Any serious examination of modern society and its stratification will bear out the fact that the peasant and the Lord have never been removed from society. Labor and ownership and exploitation existed in the past, as it exists now and will for all time. Factories didn’t magically poof into existence when kings were replaced with presidents. Exploitation didn’t magically disappear in socialist societies, either.

Far from a magical ideal, Capitalism is nothing more than a word Karl Marx attached to the act of people in society acting with agency. The degraded leftism of today seeks to make such agency either a god to worship or an evil to despise; TRS seeks to make Capitalism what it is and nothing more.

There are better things out there to worship.