Buffalo Bill Manning Offers Us A Glimpse Into The Decline

gifreakEarlier this week, traitor and psychopath “Buffalo Bill” Manning was sentenced to serve between seven and thirty-five years at Ft. Leavenworth prison for leaking government secrets. These secrets reveal that our country does, in fact, conduct war and diplomacy.

Attentionwhore progressives have begun the process of formally canonizing this treasonous tranny; the process will likely be fast-tracked due to his trendy sexual issues. In fact, a super-duper brave Icelandic dyke has gone so far as to nominate PFC Tuck-dick for a Nobel Peace Prize.

I would rather Obama receive the award. Again.

The Alex Jones demographic, from what I’ve seen, are having difficulty separating Manning from Snowden. Which is understandable, seeing as the focus never really was on what was revealed. This is because what was revealed was ultimately mundane.

For those who have thus far been more interested in Manning’s mangina and/or the evils of statism, I’ll quickly break down what this Freakazoid leaked to the world.


The worst of them, edited by Wikileaks and titled “Collateral Murder” (it even starts with an Orwell quote, lols), shows US helicopters firing on a group of people that happened to include embedded Reuters reporters. The helicopter then fires on a second group that supposedly intends to transport the dead.


Apparently it is shocking to the more childlike and effeminate members of our voting population to discover that war isn’t a very pretty affair.

Perhaps private firms, Bono concerts or not spanking your children will find a way to fix this problem?

“War Logs”
Shocking revelation: people die in war. Especially in wars conducted in urban environments against guerrilla and irregular opposition. Whodathunkit.

Pfc. Manning’s defenders say the release of the low-level reports could not have hurt ongoing operations but did provide the public with a better understanding of the war.

…And the public largely shrugged it off. Those who didn’t whine perpetually about the police state on forums for websites that sell books on gold coins and storing rice in oil drums.

There were also some documents released on Guantanamo, but they didn’t reveal anything new or interesting.

Finally, State Department Cables: “Cablegate”
Basically, there is a difference between public and private stances of nations when it comes to geopolitics. WHOA.

Real earth-shattering stuff, all things considered. Makes me totally re-evaluate everything I knew and loved about my United States.

The result:

Bradley Manning

The result is people that value a degenerate and a traitor over the country of their birth. According to them, this heroic ladyboy bravely sacrificed itself for a world that serves cowards, pot smokers, and trannies. To not project your own Pavlovian narcissism on this degenerate’s act of treason is to reserve a space in Hell next to Hitler and the white guy from Roots.

Brangelina Manning’s efforts and sacrifice only succeeded in revealing to the more astute just how bad things are becoming in the Western world.