Detroit Achieves Peak Negro

Derived from our studies in economic theory as well as our experiences in the real world, Peak Negro describes the point in time when the maximum rate of Negro accommodation is reached, after which all metrics of human civilization are expected to enter terminal decline.

It is no coincidence that the Hubbert curve resembles something else.

The consumption of a civilization’s surplus wealth by its worst elements grows over time until finally the civilization’s economic surplus is depleted. With the end of surplus, easy living, the lumpenprole grows hungry and (more) violent, and civil conflict results.

While geopolitics and economic finagling can disrupt this correlation, it amounts to a prolonging of the inevitable. As wry intellectuals of a previous age once said, naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret.

Depending on the area’s specific culture, demographics, and power relations, Peak Negro can occur either rapidly or over an extended period of time. In the former case we can look to the post-colonial results of Africa, once a collection of beautiful second-tier nations and holdings, now wretched pits of foreign aid and barbarism.

In the latter case, we can finally point to the city of Detroit.

Detroit, 1950
Detroit Free Press Fashion Show, 1950. Not pictured: urban (demographic) decay.
The majority of articles written on the subject of Detroit’s bankruptcy and decline will correctly and shallowly point out that this is the result of deindustrialization and a government making too large of a bet on the future.

We can certainly find common ground among those who would blame Detroit’s collapse on materialism, a culture that is quick to serve the consumer at the sake of the man. The modern “civilized” world’s employer-employee relationship grants the former all of the benefits of the slave owner, without any of the responsibilities; the latter experiences slavery without any security. The end result of such a societal paradigm is inhuman and deleterious.

We also readily-agree with those who would blame the death of The Motor City on government bungling. As Ian Smith would surely and ironically agree, a government of, by, and for a person, regardless of his ability, is a government that cannot, will never make good decisions.

…But this is not enough to paint the full picture of what destroyed Detroit, what is destroying the West. What we see discussed by so many are the effects, and not the cause. This is because looking beyond the economics and political posturing, asking “why” enough times will bring one to an uncomfortable truth.

Detroit’s bankruptcy is but a microcosm of a society that has spent decades papering-over the reality of human inequality with fairy-tales of human equality. The economic requirements to maintain this foundational lie is simply too massive for any human civilization to maintain for long.

Contrary to the demonic lies of Liberalism, societies that do not seek explicit hierarchy will inevitably collapse into a society for the lowest-common-denominator; that is, anarchy.

Detroit pursued an anti-hierarchical society, encouraged by greed (cheap labor) and idealism (improving the Negro via materialistic shortcuts). The result? An influx of less-educated and less-moral. As Detroit’s neighborhoods became less White, less moral and less educated, they became more ghetto. Ghettos do not a competent workforce create, hence deindustrialization. The flight of Detroit’s industry and its colonization by violent inferiors lead ultimately to the profound demographic shift and decay of the city.

Social programs meant to achieve parity between the Negro and the White were implemented, but only served to temporarily allay and ultimately exacerbate the underlying problem of human inequality-called equality, a society of slaves without masters. The incompetents were incentivized to become more incompetent, and the urban decay was further accelerated.

Now Detroit stands in shambles, America’s first major case of Peak Negro.


By taking away the pains necessary to achieve progress, you only ensure motion in the opposite direction. This is certainly not the last city we will see collapsing to the effects of Peak Negro, and it won’t be the last we see of bland social proposals amounting to farts in the breeze. No one today is willing to directly face and seriously discuss the problem we have created with our bad will and childish dreams. So, we must wait for tamen usque recurret, not that I expect the wait to be very long. Today, America is but an EBT deposit away from the horrors of a post-Colonial Africa.

Detroit and the urban Negro in general was an attempt by abolitionists to construct a plantation without pain: the result is an abattoir of retarded children.