Did we ever get around to avenging all of those deaths?
Did America ever reclaim her glory? Were we victorious, can we declare the result a victory? I recall Bush II making a speech on an aircraft carrier with a “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner hanging behind him, but I also recall that speech being mocked like all of his other works. In those days, you could ridicule the intellect of the President without being called racist. So it goes.

Did we ever pacify Iraq or Afghanistan? Did we ever defeat Al-Qaeda? Doesn’t look like it, though we now have a movie telling us how our Navy SEALs took out Bin Laden. I heard it was an awesome movie… I’ll chew cut glass in Hell before I watch it.

Did we do enough to ensure that terrorist attacks like September 11, 2001 will never, ever, ever happen on this soil again? So far so good, as long as we discount the relative annoyance of those Tsarnaev brothers. And we are doing just that, in fact. Pressure cooker decapitations don’t quite live up to the infamy of planes in a tower; we’re already sublimating the images of Boston along with that one tragic school shooting a long time ago in a reality far, far away.

In response to 9/11, we did topple some not-very-nice governments somewhere on the map, which I suppose was meaningful. That said, did we successfully spread western democracy to the Arab world? Unless we conflate their mob violence with our rainbow flag coalitions, no… Though I did see pictures of Guy Fawkes masks at the Arab Spring riots, and that counts for something, right?

Are we proud of our response to this monstrous act, this absolute declaration by an avowed enemy? Would our grandparents be proud, did we live up to the reputation of America’s Greatest Generation? Did we prove ourselves worthy of our land, our history, our blood?

…Do we even remember or connect to such concepts, such ideals anymore?

Do you think they cared then; do you think they care now?
I don’t see many citizens paying heed to their history, language, and culture these days. Way things stand, to have emotional connection to the nation of your birth is to be seen as backward at best. It’s most certainly not progressive. You hold such abstract and vaguely-menacing concepts dear, next thing you’ll be preaching against amnesty in S.S. jackboots.

The modern citizenry identifies more with the iPad than they do with the eagle or the stars and stripes. This was not a sudden development, this pronouncement rings just as true in in 2001 as it does today. Americans traded their identity for the next trendy piece of niggertech long before those planes flew into the towers.

Douglas McArthur once wrote that “In war there is no substitute for victory.” Most would suggest that America attempted to find a substitute for victory in wake of the September attacks.

We attempted to find a better outcome, a more moral response to barbarous violence…

What do we have to show for it?

On that day in 2001 we were shown an absolute, definitive act by an absolute, definitive enemy. We responded by creating jobs in defense contracting. And electing a black president. And passing amnesty. And faggot marriage.

The West as a whole have responded to naked barbarism by importing the very same barbarous people to share our way of life. The West then scratches its head when the result is the barbarians beheading our soldiers in the streets and kidnapping our women for sex slavery.


…Then we jail those who cry out for the murderer’s blood for being too extreme.

The Tim Wises of the world will find a way to blame the modern world on white people, and the Huffpo cuckolds will agree and agree and agree… Even as the barbarian’s knife sinks into their neck.

How can an empty, ciphering society find any resolution when faced with a true and total enemy? How can you find victory against an opponent that hates you, when you don’t know what “you” are?

It is not enough to say that these idiotic social programs are the result of men trying to create fantasies they never grew out of. It is not enough to argue that our world is the result of poorly-raised and over-fed humans. It is not even enough to point out that the progressive agenda since 2001 has been nothing more than a frantic effort to keep people distracted with cyclical social “progress,” what is in reality an ouroboros of diminishing returns.

We need to recognize viscerally that these things are effects that distract us from the root cause, and the cause of our parabolic dildocracy is that the United States and the Western World surrendered to its enemies unconditionally on September 11th, 2001.

There is only one way to win over hearts and minds, and that is with the uncompromising application of a boot to your enemy’s throat.  There can only ever be absolute victory or absolute defeat in war; this was something our forebears understood. Forgetting the brutal reality of human conflict was the failure of the British Empire, and now of Western civilization as a whole.

For over a decade the United States has garrisoned the wastelands of the Middle East, and we have nothing to show for it besides Soros-funded twitter revolutions.

This is because there exists no postmodern Western ideal that either justifies or encourages men to pacify an enemy. Therefore, there exists no means for liberalism to achieve victory, because all realistic avenues for such victory was denied from the beginning.

The progressives are instead hedging their bets on the Arab Spring accomplishing the successful spread of secular dildocracy’s virus to the Muslim world. Which is to say, the progressives have given up on surviving, and are instead content with taking as many people into the fire with them as possible.


Thus, the West and indeed the civilized world lives out its final days as a conquered people, its popularly banal politics divided between those with Stockholm Syndrome and those who substitute the blood of the nation for the ink of its documents. Every day since 9/11/01 exists as a terminally-ill patient, waiting for the inevitable and tragic end.

Maybe after Liberalism and her heathens are out of the picture, we can finally work towards avenging those who have been so conveniently forgotten.