Anti-Prometheism: Steal Back The Fire

You've got to crack the egg.
You must first crack the egg.
Credit goes to Graaaaaagh for coining the term, as well as for introducing me to the original concept.

While my fellow travelers are doing some amazing work both online and in meatspace, there are those of us at TRS that feel more could and should be done to seize the decline of the West. Why should we content ourselves with simply riding the tiger; why not work to aim the beast in a direction of our choosing?

From numerous discussions upon the subject was born Anti-Prometheism (Anti-Pro or Apro for short), a new and exciting intellectual frontier for my brothers to conquer.

The ultimate goal of this project is to weaken Western Civilization through the support and advancement of Liberal “progress” beyond the society’s tolerances, particularly within the United States. Push the idiotic narrative to such extremes, push the general population so far that for them reaction becomes blunt necessity, and not merely intellectual convenience.


See also: Vanguardism, Cadmean Victory.

Perhaps this project will strike many of my readers as being too radical (hare-brained) a means for achieving our desired reactionary ends. Why in the world should someone seek to create more of what they wish to destroy? How does one hope to kill Liberalism by making it stronger?

These are reasonable questions about an unreasonable thing.

Such reservations assume that Liberalism’s existence is a rational development of human history, and not a bizarre aberration given power through its profound inconsistencies… Inconsistencies that express themselves in our day-to-day world as pious secularism. Inconsistencies like individualism and equality. Like “Judeo-Christian nation.” Like Humanism and/or Abortion. Like marriage for degenerates. Et cetera, ad nauseum. In this left-wing reality the real and the ridiculous overlap to a frightening degree.

It may be difficult at first, but you must check your logic privilege before you can truly understand the brilliance of the Western world’s insanity.


The elites running this show, The Cathedral, achieve their desired results through a brilliantly-designed special effects show, the spectacle, whereby reality and fantasy are projected upon each other at the same time, creating a hyper-realistic 3D effect for their intended audience.

The effect is like pornography, except instead of masturbating you vote. In fact, all that is left is for one to consume a Big Mac to complete the secular Trinitarian formula. In nomine Burger, et Scrutino, et Fictus Mentula.

What an “artist” has recently done with Stoya™’s orgasm is a microcosm of how Liberalism sells its version of reality to you.
These elites have refined their matrix over time, to the point where today you have to pay close attention to catch the sales pitch behind the message behind the spin.

Gone are the days of open propaganda, of Blue Eagle and Uncle Sam; Ours is an era of profile pics showing equality signs and trendy bumper sticker ribbons showing solidarity with the tragical vagina tingle of the day. Yes, yes, we’re all x now… And by the way, x might be interested in supporting this fundraiser. For a good cause, or something.

(As an aside: I wonder how many of the Democrat lumpenprole today remember the name of the TOWN where Sandy Hook took place? It was in Connecticut, right? HAH.)

Dear Reader, you must understand that Liberalism is ultimately, fundamentally, a lie, a con. Equality has never existed in reality, and freedom is the diseased dream of overgrown and overfed children.

TL;DR: John Locke
TL;DR: John Locke
Such a blatantly unrealistic narrative must necessarily survive and thrive upon lies and inconsistencies.

The best lies are the ones your opponent believes to be the truth, to be rational. The absolute bestest lie of our day is the notion that you can somehow “win” playing by the liberal’s rules. That you can somehow out-liberal the liberal. That this system can be re-programmed, that Western Civilization and 400 years of progress can be magically voted away. That the liberal’s monstrous and monolithic dildo-worship is always but a single argument away from being replaced.

Try again.
Liberalism thrives upon the conflict of its opposition… That is to say, opposition within its framework, on its turf, by its rules and within its narrative (David v. Goliath, Grassroots v. Monsanto, rinse and repeat).

This is like Sun Tzu 101; you fight on your opponent’s terms and you’re gonna have a bad time.

The Left relies upon slanted conflict against an opponent convinced the slant is in the other direction. It is a parasitic entity, it relies upon what “threatens” it, the “progress” comes from their opposition, not their support. Think about it, can you seriously believe that a voting bloc composed of hipsters, degenerates, and welfare vermin could actually achieve anything on their own, let alone cooperatively?

What appears to be their weakness, their numerous and conflicting ideologies sharing the same political tent, becomes their greatest strength when faced with an always technically superior enemy.

Their unity is in hatred, and no one possesses a greater capacity for hatred than the broken and forsaken of society, Karl Marx be damned.


Ryan Faulk recently commented upon this phenomenon of “bloc voting,” whereby a seemingly consistent and politically-aware citizen can justify voting for parties that do not reflect his values, or even acknowledge them as being meaningful. Ryan believes this is the result of an incoherent system, and I find myself disagreeing. I would argue this is, far from a bizarre result of the modern system, the expected, planned outcome.

Never, ever, ever underestimate The Cathedral; these incoherent policies reflect a coherent strategy.


To maintain its over-complicated web of lies, its confederacy of dunces, Liberalism requires a rube to provide the propulsion of the narrative. I term this particular con-game “oppositional inertia:” the illusion of competition, of a threat, gives the Left a reason to cooperate, a means for propelling ever more-left. The progressive agenda of the moment advances in the West based upon how much “hate” is riled to oppose it, not if the agenda of the moment is actually socially-accepted by our peoples.

To understand this is to understand that the Conservative NEVER had a real chance of keeping homosexual children (a monstrous result of a monstrous world) out of the Boy Scouts. By the time the actual legislative move was made, it was already conceded as inevitable by the prole. Similar with DADT? Remember that one? How about Obamacare?

The way things stand today, gay marriage will be an Amendment to the Constitution within five years, and it will be accomplished on the backs of Anti-Liberals.

It doesn’t matter if the Liberal’s opponent is principled and truly loves his country, he was raised with the same Pavlovian training as the Liberal. He will cede to what he believes to be “popular,” and progress always, almost by magic, winds up being the “in” thing. This happens similarly to the Libertarian/anarcho-whatever is; no matter how passionate he is, he will also cede to the narrative. No matter what, the narrative just keeps getting lefter and lefter. So it goes.

Liberalism’s con game produces the illusion of social unrest, which cements solidarity and the power of the governance. The individual bickering solidifies the herd mentality. Empowerment actually disempowers. Remember House Of Games? “It’s called a confidence game. Why, because you give me your confidence? No: because I give you mine.”

Fucking dialectic of enlightenment, how does it work?

Everything you are told to hate and fear and loathe about progress is a means of making progress reality. The tepid and controlled opposition of talk radio and those leggy Fox News anchors makes it all possible.


Hopefully by this point I have convinced you that such a paradoxical opponent as Liberalism will require a more unique approach to truly threaten it, let alone conquer it. This world, bizarre and decaying as it is, isn’t simply the result of a series of unfortunate events, but the product of combining the efforts of highly-intelligent men throughout history and into the present age. The Cathedral is not going to cede its power so easily.

So what do?

Certainly, deconstruction and individual-level missionary work serve to acquire quality followers to the reactionary circle. TRS and others will continue to show you the rotten guts behind the plastic titties; we’ll continue preaching about the unmitigated evils of freedom.

But what of the mass we are inevitably dwarfed by?

We must not attempt the fool’s errand of directly appealing to the mass. You cannot brainwash a brain that does not exist. At best such an attempt will lead to you being pulled into the herd and trampled. At worst, you will wind up becoming nothing more than another vendor of kitschy ideas and objects. Any interaction with the herd must be in a manner of redirection, of diverting their energy away, and nothing more.

The center of our opposition, The Cathedral’s ultimate strategy is to continue producing a manageable reaction, a Malcolm Effect, whereby the disappointing resolution provides enough contained anger and forlorn hope to continue the cycle. An ideological battered spouse syndrome: get back in the kitchen.

Instead of becoming another battery for the system or attempting a pathetic libertarian coup, instead of going Galt without Galt, instead of fighting from within their system, we support them from without.

Fact of the matter is, Liberalism has done more for the reaction today than reaction could have ever achieved on its own; that’s kinda how the cycle is supposed to work, but I digress.

Consider Golden Dawn, an organization started in 1980, yet only gained its current prominence after the West’s failure to maintain Greece’s hyper-real, pornographic lifestyle post-recession. Understanding this, it is madness to not consider the value of creating more cause for the desired effect.

So, we seek to bring the two sides to a head.

Vote Democrat; vote for the most degenerate pile of freedom you can possibly find. Hell, stump for them, work within their silly grassroots orgs. An Elizabeth Warren presidency would do more to promote America’s own Golden Dawn than every reactionary blogger could ever accomplish collectively.

We exist to make the ground fertile; let the bastards plant the seeds for us.

Troll leftists with their own rhetoric (online and IRL). Support AGW regulations because the end result would be putting the peasants onto the farms where they belong. Support silly scientific arguments not because it is true, but because it keeps the prole in line and the children happy (because it is religious in application). Support more progressive economic measures because it keeps inferior brown people alive and happy. Support abortion because it is eugenic. Support feminism because it gives over-educated and hysterical single women a pleasant diversion. Support anti-racism because it is the White Man’s Burden to do so.

This will help to bring the Left as far into dildosingularity as possible. All the while, continuing to teach the Vaisyas our ways and stoking their hatred of Brahmins.

The result isn’t going to be pleasant, certainly, but who expects a decline to be anything but? Let this image from Sweden be our foreshadowing.

“Stand back and watch the show. This is what you paid for, after all.”


One thing I find most appealing about this project is that little must be done for those interested to test the approach, to participate.

Few indeed are born with reactionary views; most of us were raised under the same dildocracy. We already know the gist, understand the language-games of our opposition. I think many will be shocked to find how easy it is to subvert the subversive.

I myself intend to put the money where my mouth is regarding Anti-Prometheism. In the near future and under various pseudonyms, I will begin work on a blog in the same vein as degenerates like Cathy Reisenwitz. I will be submitting essays for random online Lib rags, and I fully intend to pursue work within the Democratic machine in the upcoming elections. There will have to be a degree of secrecy involved, certainly, but I will notify you, Dear Reader, how things progress.

Salon‘s body isn’t ready for Bulbasaur, similarly Liberalism is not ready for sincere support from those who wish to see it choke.

It is my hope to see the day when we are able to steal the fire back from the thieving Promethean bastards of Liberalism; perhaps this approach will do its part to help see this day become a reality.

Amor fati.