You’re going to die.

You will be buried, cremated, or left somewhere to rot.

Your name will fade into memory.

After enough years and enough people follow you in death, you will be forgotten.

How you lived your life will not change this ending. You face the same cold embrace and obliteration as Hannibal or George Washington or Hitler.

Yes, Humanity may remember names, it may even remember yours. Yet Humanity can never truly remember the people, the individual.

To be superior, a Master, an Übermensch is to eventually be reduced to a word smeared and distorted by idiotic and facile men. So it goes.

Humanity will continue along as it always has; you have only the obliteration of time to look forward to.

So please, tell me again what makes you so special and unique. Tell me again how you are a man, an individual, a libertarian, a warrior, an x, y, or z. Tell me about the nature of morality and how you are magically exempt. Weave me a beautiful and ultimately fantastic narrative, and include some Nietzsche quotes for bonus points.

You tell me everything that you are, and I know that you are nothing.

The Western world killed God. How it went about doing so involves centuries of history, beginning with a vulgar German monk writing some treatises on the Pope’s bowel movements. But I digress.

In finally removing the geist from it’s zeit, the West removed the very engine that propelled it forward. To secularize was to lobotomize, to castrate the magic inherent in a human mind that is built to challenge and progress. When we removed God we were still left with the Gaps. Turns out the human mind utilized these barbaric mysticisms to help bridge shortcomings in our perceptions of reality. Yeah, oops.

Kierkegaard was predicting the future that is now our present: Western civilization’s revolutionary movement of the soul left everything standing, yet emptied it all of significance. This house is no longer a home.

What did civilization replace the higher movements of faith with? The movements of our lower body parts, we filled the gaps of logical conflict with sex. Thanks, Freud; your coming to prominence couldn’t have been more perfectly-timed!

It is not a coincidence that with our “enlightenment” came the return of degenerate, subhuman sexuality. Without a spirit guiding you, all you have is the physical, and the physical realm is irredeemably filthy.

This is why our modern Communism is less about a brotherhood uniting to bring about Heaven on Earth, and more about legal rights for men to suck each other’s cocks. This is why “liberty” is now less about self-actualization and an assertion of one’s superiority, and more about silver coins and solar panels. It’s why religion is now nothing more meaningful than big buildings, pop music, and fucking chicken sandwiches.

This is why you cannot find love, why you cannot be happy with what you have, why you reduce all human interaction to business transactions, why you cannot stand yourself. You wail and gnash your teeth because you don’t know what to do; you don’t even know that person in the mirror.

Your symbols have become totems. Your ideals have become kinks and fetishes. Filthy. Empty. Dead.

The Western world has embraced a world without magic, without conflict, without need. Liberalism seeks to obliterate you in life as you will be obliterated in death. You have been overfed and over-educated, you are hyper-stimulated with corn syrup titties and explosions… And you are left wanting.

You are miserable precisely because you are free. Free is meaningless.

In a world of paper-thin facade, of the immediate and fleeting, you must find the ineffable, the majestic. You must find something greater than yourself to believe in. You must accept your bondage to this ideal. You must learn again the beauty of service.

For the alternative is nothing more than a fleeting image.