In honor of Black Pity Month

With Black Pity Month fanning the flames, I’m going to get this off my chest. If you are black and you are absolutely stuck on blaming environmental factors, as opposed to your DNA, on your shit rank in life (despite affirmative action, white guilt, white fear, pro-integration propaganda everywhere, minority scholarships, drastically lowered academic standards, etc. etc.), then you have only two people to blame: your mother and your father. Do not take your jealous anger out on whites just because overall they are born into more stable family structures. A stable family is not a “privilege”; it should be a given, and if it’s not, the people responsible for creating the failed family are to blame.

Your mother did not have to give birth to you; abortion has existed, legal or illegal, since prehistory. If you want to drink all the poison against whitey and believe that they’ve been keeping your people down for generations, ask your mother why she gave birth to you when there are so many “environmental factors” that would predispose you to fail and have a shit life. What kind of mother would want to bring her children into such a torturous existence? If your mother couldn’t give you anything more than a weak or nonexistent family structure with all social and economic factors supposedly working against you, why the hell did she give birth to you? Did she have no idea what child rearing entailed? Realistically, you were nothing more than a ticket for more government cheese, and in typical accountability-skirting form, you will blame whitey instead of the two people who were actually responsible for how predisposed to success you would not be.

You didn’t choose to be born in the toilet in an income-contingent apartment, and white people didn’t choose to be born into a world where they would be forced to integrate with you and be blamed and accused at every turn for the fact that your people don’t possess the intellectual capacity or the drive to get your shit together. And yet here we both are. Life isn’t fair. Sucks for you, but I don’t care, nor is it my responsibility to. Your parents are responsible for initiating your existence, whether or not you even know who they both are.

I don’t care about whatever “struggle” you think you’ve been set back by. Everybody has struggles, and the white devils are no special exception. I personally have had a chain of “struggles” that I could use as a crutch for the rest of my life, but the idea of failure doesn’t appeal to me, even though I would be able to disingenuously blame it on other people. If you really feel trapped in this existence, you can commit suicide. I don’t advocate that as the primary solution to one’s problems, but if you feel so hopelessly fucked by a combination of your parents setting you up for failure and you flat-out being a failure, please put yourself out of your misery. You aren’t entitled to jack shit from whites; just this essay acknowledging your existence is more than you deserve.