Shooting Rampages and Reactionary Stupidity

Shooting rampages, while not an exclusive invention of the 21st century, are certainly much more common now than they were 50 years ago. While some of us might nod our heads and reach some sober conclusions about the effect of the modern lifestyle on the personal psychology of humans in general, men in particular, the rest of the oxygen thieves with groundless opinions fall into one of two general camps:

gun control college liberal

1. Cowardly liberals who think the only thing scarier than a gun is a white man with a gun.
These sniveling brats are mostly women and emasculated beta males with children. Since firearms such as AR-15s look like “evil black rifles of mass destruction” and subconsciously project the virility of the male sex organ, they find them about as appealing as hiring David Duke as a babysitter. These people have so effectively repressed any normal human aggressive urges, that they actually find it difficult to understand why people would shoot other people at all, and why anyone would want to own a gun. It’s easier to direct their attention towards regulating guns more since this provides them a modicum of much needed control over the situation and obviates them from any real uncomfortable discussion about why people feel like mowing down dozens of men, women, and children in the first damn place.

Usually their sheeplike bleating consists of one or more of the following arguments: “We need stricter laws.” The obvious rejoinder is, “Legislation hasn’t stopped drug production or use, criminals don’t obey laws, and hassling the timid law abiding community with more rules is targeting the wrong party.” Next they will move on to say, “Why do you NEED a semi-automatic assault rifle with a 40 round ‘clip’ and a bayonet?” This one gets a lot of people stumped because let’s be honest, most people do not need to be armed like a point man for Delta Force. Since “assault rifles” or high capacity, semi-automatic, long guns are clearly designed to be more or less effective at wounding and killing humans; the question of validity seems legitimate. Right up until you ask the “concerned parent liberal” if they support banning vodka and any alcoholic drink over 15%. Obviously high proof alcohol serves only one purpose, and that is to get humans drunk, and we all know drunk humans are to blame for a lot more mass death than guns. At this point they know their point is logically inconsistent and don’t want to get backed into a corner on why one clearly dangerous product can be “responsibly used” but the other can’t. So the confused sheep will instead bleat some nonsense about stricter drinking laws, and try to side step the obvious question of why an outright ban on “evil black rifles” is good, but a ban on “evil high proof liquor” is not. Finally, as the conversation proceeds, the liberal’s ignorance about firearms themselves will become more and more apparent as they make they make unintentionally hilarious statements about the deadliness of “high powered non-hunting rifles.” While completely oblivious to the fact military grade carbines fire a glorified varmint bullet considered “too wimpy” by the entire deer hunting community. Sprinkle in a generous helping of silly misnomers, incorrect terminology, and extreme ballistic fallacies, and you’ve got yourself a typical liberal anti-gun conversation.

mall ninja

2. Mall Ninjas that read too much “Recoil” magazine.
You really gotta hand it to these guys. They somehow manage to take the liberal’s chief flaw, blind naivete, and crystallize it into a more concentrated form of insane argument. Mall Ninjas love guns with a sick fetishism that borders on actual sexual depravity, and makes the average gun owner hesitant to even let one touch his firearm without disinfecting it afterwards. Predictably, the Mall Ninja’s response to a mass shooting goes in a somewhat unique direction: “ARM EVERYONE WITH GUNS.” In their minds, when a would-be gunman runs into an armed civilian, that civilian spreads his black, leather, ankle length jacket, draws two chromed Desert Eagles and executes a series of slow motion acrobatic leaps choreographed by Yuen Wu Ping, expertly HEADSHOOTING (Double XP, helps you level up that Sharpshooter Perk) the hapless gunman the entire time.

In the Mall Ninja’s mind, the sensible way to prevent gun violence is to insure that every man, woman, and child in America is equipped with a Chris Costa edition AR-15, a pair of Glock 19s, and enough magazines to hold off the Inevitable Zombie Hordes indefinitely. Granted, “Gun Free Zones” could be more accurately termed “Helpless Victim Zones,” but the usual gun nerd response is an automatic “They should’ve been armed.” Even if the victims in question were kindergartners. Allowing concealed carry in more places is reasonable, repeating that  an “armed society is a polite society” mantra and wondering why doctors and nurses aren’t armed takes things to a whole new level of insanity.

First of all, increasing gun ownership will most certainly result in more accidental deaths, more guns to steal, and easier access for those lunatics interested in real life terminal ballistic testing. The “deterrence factor” of a heavily armed populace is grossly overstated since some of these shooting sprees have actually occurred INSIDE POLICE STATIONS AND MILITARY BASES. Then of course there are shooters who like to remain a good distance from their targets and SNIPE them, rather than close in and give their victims the option of drawing and firing a handgun at them first. The Mall Ninja is also assuming the shooter doesn’t shoot the armed targets first, and that the armed civilian is able to draw and fire his weapon proficientlyBEFORE the gunman spots him with it. Finally, in a crowded area, multiple people drawing to return fire might just result in something called “collateral damage” or “friendly fire;” John Woo action fantasies notwithstanding. Just like the liberal, the Mall Ninja is also simply arguing for ways to reduce casualties, neglecting to address the underlying social problems causing the sprees in the first place. Both of them ignore the root cause and focus only on the symptoms.

So what IS the root cause? The shooting sprees that popularized this phenomena began within the US Postal system and consisted of blatant revenge killings against supervisors and management who had either fired, disciplined, or in many cases, unfairly treated the gunman. Oftentimes the coworkers expressed complete understanding for the coworker responsible for the killings, and some were even spared purely because they were the only individuals to show the gunman a modicum of kindness. While it has been popular since day one to categorize mass shootings as the actions of lunatics and madmen, this simply isn’t true. The violence is never truly random, in fact, the great majority of the time the targets are very clearly seen as enemies by the gunman.

When you take a man, of any age, and deny him a sense of purpose, tell him he’s worthless, fire him from his long held job, or make him feel helpless and cut adrift in life, expect to reap the consequences. Men and women carry within them the genes of warriors, revolutionaries, and patriots, but the modern social order has commodified them into “human resources” fit to be bought and sold at will. For men this is particularly horrible, as a meaningless existence of pushing buttons, moving stacks of paper around, or hawking cheap merchandise fails to satisfy a brain evolved from eons of hunting animals and killing adversaries. If you thought your prospects for the future consisted only in working at Walmart or getting laid off/fired from one meaningless job after another while society marginalizes your social group, you might think about going out in a blaze of destruction too. Funny how no one seems to connect the rising suicide rates, depression, and “mental illness” with common sense problems in modern culture. Suicide now kills more people than traffic accidents. Think about that, and let it sink in. People are choosing to end their own lives rather than deal with the mediocre tyranny of their mundane existence, and some of them are making a statement when they do it.

The problem isn’t the quantity or type of guns, the problem is the elephant in the room that we’re choosing to ignore: Our disintegrating society is poisoning us.