Glory in Competition, Self-Validation in Victory

When I look around the world today I see the depths of mankind’s purposelessness. The men of today have been castrated and neutered by the pressures of domestication into warped caricatures of noble manhood. Because they cannot validate themselves in the Old Way, they choose to use image, material possessions, and wretched self complacent pompousness as a substitute. These are the men who own modified sports cars and do not race. These are the men who own high grade military weapons and do not practice or compete with them. These are the men who wear shirts glorifying martial combat and do not fight. They want the image of a victorious warrior, but they are not willing to risk the many defeats necessary to earn the prize.

The modern man has been deprived of his right to pride to such an extent he is terrified of losing what little bloated self image he as left. (Furthermore, modern man is largely ignorant of the existence of venues where he can know true manly glory and triumph among his peers.) It is cowardly weakness to cling to false pride when you must release it to know actual glory and respect.

To even merely engage in actual competition of any sort accords one with basic respect beyond those who abstain from it, so far gone are modern values. When you enter a modern sanctioned form of sport or competition, you will find the competitors are glad to have opponents. To even risk your reputation (let alone life and limb) so that others will have at least one more adversary to fill out the roster is considered respectable in an age when no one wants to even chance the slightest risk of public humiliation. Make no mistake, the biggest motivation for refusal to compete is pure cowardice.

Those who do compete are engaging in self improvement, in camaraderie with their peers, and over time they will become victors, teachers, and mentors to the new competitors. There as an ethos at work here, one too few moderns appreciate, and it is characterized thusly:

1. Self improvement through fierce competition
Competition at even the most amateur of levels forces you, the individual, to hone and perfect skills. This is a boon to your self worth as an individual. The greater the challenge and the more uneven the odds, the sweeter the victory. This is why winning with a handicap is accorded the greatest respect. Learning how to learn makes a man capable of victory anywhere, fighting the best makes a man become the best.

2. Social approval through victory
Winning gets you public respect, being a gracious winner and loving your opponents for giving you the opportunity for glory is the mark of a wealthy soul. Developing a reputation for your skill and ability will validate you more as a man than any other achievement in your life. Acquiring money, or women, or fame will not affirm you the way a single look of astonishment and respect from a vanquished opponent will. To know victory is to know personal elitism, and elitism is far better than pride.

3. Improving your enemies is the most noble generosity
No man wishes to come to victory easily, no man wishes to win unfairly. To raise others to your skill level, and even have them occasionally best you is the mark of a man who wishes to be tried by the greatest of challenges. That is a man who wants to know true victory, not empty pride. To edify others to provide better competition is to sharpen blades upon themselves. This is selfishness transubstantiated into generosity.

Do not give into cowardice and wretched self complacency, let aggressive competition be your source of personal strength.