Mansplaining Pope Francis To Amren

Today’s subject comes from Amren: Pope Francis Calls Upon The Nations Of The World To Welcome Immigrants.

Lol, u mad?

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SWPL-Down Economics: Accidentally Pro-slavery

SWPL-Down Economics refers to the idea that, thanks to material abundance (at the expense of vassals both foreign and domestic), high-brow SWPL preferences become affordable and accessible to the mass.

The libertarians are wont to view the result of SDE as a desirable “fruition” of man’s efforts. They do this because they champion an ideology that reduces man to a walking alimentary canal. That is to say, libertarians are liberals with a more pedantic vocabulary. This of course echoes the intellectual efforts of a previous generation.

It totally happened then, too.


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The True Colors of Liberalism

This wonderful post is brought to you by Being Liberal and Americans Against the Republican Party. (TFW these are real groups with hundreds of thosands of fans.)

being liberal

It’s almost poetic, the irony that surfaces when leftist narratives collide. Take race out the picture and suddenly the liberal feels free to criticize the welfare recipient as harshly and virulently as he/she/xi can, with impunity. Take race out of the equation, and suddenly the Southern states aren’t just poor, they’re lazy. They aren’t just a burden, they’re parasitic. The dirty South becomes a diseased limb of the nation that needs to be amputated. When race is taken out of the picture, suddenly welfare states are the tapeworms of the country, sucking the life out of the prim and proper (and mostly white) tax-paying “blue states” of America.

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Bulbasaur’s Modest Proposal

LifeIt is indeed a melancholy object for one to consider the topic of abortion in these “United” States. Hundreds of years trading blood and lives in the name of progress (not always a fair trade), yet still we drag along the flotsam of a past best left forgotten.

A strong minority, comprising tens of millions of our “fellow citizens,” still harbor misplaced nostalgia for a time when a woman had no say in whether or not she must endure the presence of a parasitic life-form within her own person.

Consider it: our female population, living the honest, equal, and consumptive existence guaranteed to all Americans (as well as some others), would instead be relegated to mere breed stock for the nation. Such thinking is a barbarous relic, anathema to any true American. I sometimes wonder if these Fox News-types sing the Horst Wessel Lied when we’re not paying attention. Susan B. Anthony, bless her, must be spinning in her grave.

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Moralizing Savagery

“There are a lot of smart people out there (that justify their success thus:) ‘It must be because I worked harder than everybody else.’ Let me tell you something: There are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there. If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.” –President Barack Obama, July 13th 2012


Observation: In our day and age, it isn’t necessary to weave a coherent narrative or construct a logical system of belief. In fact, all one needs to do is simply spew specific words/phrases and create appealing sound bites; let the vulgar rabble fill in the blanks and vote.
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Drive through most any town in the United States, and you will notice a recurrent theme, our societal leitmotif: at least one street (usually several) blighted by, sacrificed to, consumptive postmodernism.

Large and gaudy signs, unimaginative architecture, mass-produced imagery, welfare disguised as diversionary hourly make-work (Now hiring 4th assistant manager!). All of this designed for the singular, mechanical, amoral purpose of pandering already obsolescent shit to an ever lower common denominator.

You say “Capitalism,” I say “autophagy.”

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