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The Spic-Nig Cycle.

Recently during a lively discussion of the US healthcare system a particularly Bad Goy mentioned what he termed the "Spic-Nig Cycle" and posted the following informative screen-cap:

Trigger warning, this is the most sobering thing you'll see on the internet all day.

It is a cold hard fact that immigrants,

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SWPL-Down Economics: Accidentally Pro-slavery

SWPL-Down Economics refers to the idea that, thanks to material abundance (at the expense of vassals both foreign and domestic), high-brow SWPL preferences become affordable and accessible to the mass.

The libertarians are wont to view the result of SDE as a desirable “fruition” of man’s efforts. They do

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The Organ Grinder

Made $10.94 paycheck, still has a home, clean clothes, and chubby cheeks.
Made $10.94 paycheck.
Still has a home, clean clothes, and chubby cheeks.

The picture above comes from Facebook group “US Uncut,” part of the post-Occupy drive by White people to feel oppressed for/by something.

Of course, as actual oppression is hard to come by for a racial demographic

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