Is the "Islamic State" Islamic? Let Us Count the Ways!

The standard boilerplate that has lately been spewing out of the mouths of ignorant westerners is that “IS is unIslamic,” an extension of the argument that Jihadists are somehow “hijacking” Islam and then “twisting” it to their purposes. Now it is true that a significant body of Orthodox Sunni Islam, Read More

The Libertarian Stuff: Anarchy

Let’s talk about anarchy for a moment. Which kind of anarchy? Anarcho-capitalism? Anarcho-syndicalism? Anarcho-primitivism? Anarcho-communism? Anarcha-feminism? Gee wilikers, there sure are a buttload of reasons to get rid of the state, huh? Apparently, getting rid of the state will lead to a completely free, environmentally sustainable, feminist, worker-controlled, capitalistic, Read More

Buffalo Bill Manning Offers Us A Glimpse Into The Decline


Earlier this week, traitor and psychopath “Buffalo Bill” Manning was sentenced to serve between seven and thirty-five years at Ft. Leavenworth prison for leaking government secrets. These secrets reveal that our country does, in fact, conduct war and diplomacy. Attentionwhore progressives have begun the process of formally canonizing this treasonous Read More


Don’t get me wrong, I detest nanny-statism with every fiber of my being. The modern statist is the consequence of post enlightenment ideals. After all government (not the same thing as The State) that serves the people can only corrode the people. With that being said, Anti-Statists are in Read More

On Zimmerman's Acquittal


No, it’s not.The happening was again averted. There were no riots, no race war. Nothing of that sort has happened. Nor will it. The most violence we’ve seen so far, the only violence we will likely see as a result of Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict, was Read More

An Apostate On Libertarians

Let me begin by stating that I believe everyone reading this article will at least share my desire for a more orderly and prosperous society than what currently exists in the West today. With that said, my criticisms and considerations are mainly directed at libertarians. I should preface that I Read More

A Bulbasaur Art Project: Stefan Molyneux

A good frenemy of mine recently pointed out that we here at The Right Stuff should not take ourselves so seriously all the time. I find myself agreeing. I fucking love to hate you, Suss. Sometimes, things get a bit too esoteric and combative both at the blog and our Read More

Fascist Libertarianism: For a Better World


Here at The Right Stuff we’re always tearing things down and burning bridges. I figured I’d try to write a hopeful article that reaches out to potential right-wing allies and proposes a solution — an article with a positive vision for change. Well, at least it’s as positive Read More