Exploring Liberal Context Denial

A black guy just died of Ebola in Dallas. As mentioned in a previous article, this made liberals go absolutely bananas, given that the first guy to get Ebola in America, Dr. Ken Brantly, a white man, survived his ordeal while Thomas Eric Duncan, a black man, did not. If Read More

In Which Liberals Actually Attempt to Dismantle Animal Predator-Prey Relationships Because Oppression

If you’ve been paying attention, what you are about to read should not surprise you. British Philosopher and self-proclaimed “futurist” (read: useless, overeducated, disconnected net negative on societal resources) David Pearce penned an article that drew attention from lefty Gawker science rag io9. The article, entitled “Reprogramming Predators” is Read More

On Abortion

Fun fact: until recently, I had never engaged people on the topic of abortion.  Living in a red state, I have had little contact with the baby killers.  I also tended to avoid the topic; perhaps I subconsciously knew I would hate the results. Honestly, I was inclined to believe Read More

The Limits Of Mediocrity

Source: Will Moyer Though my relationship with the ideology has been stormy to say the least, I ultimately concede my politics and philosophy to be libertarian. Despite my blatant polemics, inevitably I uphold liberty, the quality to control one’s actions, as the highest end.  Human society cannot work without Read More

School Protects Child From Own Stupidity, "Progress" Reacts

Source: Mashable A North Carolina school is being criticized for caring about a child’s safety more than appealing to the hipster and single-motherhood demographic (i.e. liberals). Unfortunately named 9-year-old Grayson Bruce was apparently too busy being a special snowflake to get the hint regarding social hierarchy.  Recognizing this, Read More

Ants and Religion: A Story of Eugenics - Part I

Leaf Cutter Ants

There are few things in this world stupider than a single ant. They are incredibly simplistic machines. For example, a leaf-cutter ant will cut leaves and bring them back to the colony. That’s about it. If a forest fire happens to break out while the ant is cutting leaves, Read More

The University And Conservatism

Today’s subject comes from townhall.com. Starting with the opening lines of the article, we are shown precisely why the modern conservative is so thoroughly hopeless: College classrooms are supposed to be politically neutral, not indoctrination centers for liberalism. Yet, we have conservative parents who save money for decades Read More

A reply to Bulbasaur

(I would’ve attended to this sooner, but at the time I was quite preoccupied with Life Beyond The Keyboard.) To begin with I think the former author is conflating some concepts and muddying the waters with a few terms here. To believe in the existence of a doorknob in Read More

Regarding Individualism

If the preservation of the collective is the ultimate goal of The Right; The degeneration of the individual is the goal of The Left. Feminists channel individualism when they say that they shouldn’t have to live under the rules of Patriarchy for the sake of others, whilst those who Read More

The Answer Libertarians Must Never Find


“The question libertarians just can’t answer.” Yes, yes, everyone recognizes this is a blatant, brutishly-insulting argument against libertarianism. Hell, even I show you silver-hoarding freakos more respect than this article. …But doesn’t that strike you as being a little strange? Michael Lind is both a pedigreed author and Read More