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Salon's Pedo-Problem

Lately the Kike Propaganda Service progressive magazine Salon.com has engaged in a rather alarming display of sympathy for kiddie-touchers inbetween shitposting articles about how brave Satanists are and desperately fapping to Paul Krugman. Boldly trail-blazing new frontiers in the normalization of degeneracy, Salon has decided the next identity politics

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The Answer Libertarians Must Never Find

The question libertarians just can’t answer.”

Yes, yes, everyone recognizes this is a blatant, brutishly-insulting argument against libertarianism. Hell, even I show you silver-hoarding freakos more respect than this article.

…But doesn’t that strike you as being a little strange?

Michael Lind is both a pedigreed author and

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Anti-Prometheism: Steal Back The Fire

You've got to crack the egg.
You must first crack the egg.
Credit goes to Graaaaaagh for coining the term, as well as for introducing me to the original concept.

While my fellow travelers are doing some amazing work both online and in meatspace, there are those of us at TRS that feel more could and

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