On Boston

Turns out the 99% aren’t very good at policing their own ranks. Whodathunkit?

After several days of some hubbub over some boomboom, the perpetrators of Monday’s terrorist attack have been identified and dealt with. Turns out our government is still fairly competent when it comes to it’s ability to “corner the Dorner.” And this is good.

(As an aside: I still kick myself for not writing an article about the Dorner escapade: “Uncle Dorner’s Cabin,” it would have been called.)

We come away from this historically forgettable week also learning that the attackers were indeed white, but not Fox News white. The Tsarnaev brothers are a bit too foreign-sounding and a bit too Islamic to fit the librul narrative at this point in time. Drat.

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Après Paul, Le Déluge


Translation: After (Ron) Paul, Dildos.

Ron Paul, our generation’s William Jennings Bryan, has largely run his course. The man who for decades bravely griefed Congress and disrupted Republican Primaries, now talks shit about dead people on twitter. He who lives by the troll dies by the troll, I suppose.

Following his not-so-stellar progress in 2010-11, these actions certainly don’t surprise me; here was a man ultimately less interested in cultivating a meaningful counter-narrative, and more interested in pissing people off before collecting his Congressional pension.

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