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What You're Feeling About Europe is OK

If I may indulge in LARPY rhetoric for a second: we in the alt-right fight monsters. Seriously, we do. Comparing progressive ideas with a metaphorical demonic god that demands human sacrifice is really quite accurate. These people are evil and loathsome, they really are sacrificing innocent human lives. The rape

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The Daily Shoah! Episode 6: Whither Britannia?

On this week’s Daily Shoah we discuss the child sex abuse scandal in Rotherham, England, the desperate scrambling by progressives to preserve their narrative as well as potential consequences for European politics than none of us really know anything about. Finally Morrakiu rounds it out with a look at

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Rotherham and the Progressive Narrative

The recent child sex scandal in Rotherham, UK has dealt a serious blow to the progressive, multicultural narrative. Oh, so you mean that importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims from Pakistan, the child rape capital of the world, resulted in child rape and kidnapping in your own country? Gee, who

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