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Jewish Revolutionary Media/Activist Complex Desperately Attempts to Skew the Narrative on Baltimore Riots

The latest ooga-boogie, this time in Baltimore, is the most explicitly racial yet. More transparency would clearly have benefited the (mostly black) Baltimore PD, what with a hot summer around the corner and phenotypical sharks swarming the waters. That said, the printer-ink-exhausting rap-sheet of Freddie Gray—while certainly not

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Context Denial in Keene

The outbreak of drunken rioting and property destruction by spoiled, petty bourgeois, white, New England college kids at the Pumpkin Festival in Keene, NH yesterday has led to a triumphant hashtag campaign by liberal twitter activists. These astute social crusaders and moral relativists have discovered the blatant hypocrisy that lies

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The Negronomics of Race Riots

In which vibrant, urban scholar DeAndre Smith explains the nuanced political and social theory behind the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. It may seem to the casually oppressive cishet white male observer that this is nothing more than pointless self-destruction. But no. You are just interpreting the situation through the distorted

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Peak Negro: Air Jordan Riots

A little late, but today’s article comes from The Daily Mail.

Chaos followed the release of Nike’s Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue sneaker on Saturday morning as fights broke out in stores across the country between customers keen to get their hands on a pair.

Each year, the

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