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On the Regressive Left

An intellectualizing term for SJWs (social justice warriors) that has become popular of late is the regressive left. According to people who proudly consider themselves thoughtful and rational and liberal, so-called regressive leftists are extreme in their racial, gender, cultural, and social demands to the point of harming the cause

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Fedora-Capitalism On Black Friday

False dilemma, thy name is Jeff Tucker
So, according to Tucker, the “fullness of (humanity’s) fruits” is being trampled by high time preference-types for a $200 Playstation 3. Most of them are buying these deals on credit, as well. I’m sure our ancestors are proud.

It’s strange

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Sodomizing Christianity


I am a follower of Jesus Christ. My desire, which I know I will fall short of, is to be as much like him as possible.

…I will not speak about this topic with anyone against homosexuality because it does make me angry. I have seen too many of my

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