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Cucking Kills Your Church: The Episcopal Cautionary Tale

Just this month the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the United States largest Protestant denomination, cucked to extreme levels in a bid to destroy themselves like the Episcopal Church. The SBC recently passed a resolution calling for all Christians to cease displaying the Confederate flag. The SBC split from northern Baptists

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Fugly Aussie Totally Challenges Traditional Gender Identities (LOL, JK)

Source: Have A Gay Day/Minus18

You’re Trans? What are you looking at? LOL
Not gonna lie, I was more confused than triggered at this picture. Hell, I’m still bewildered. It’s like viewing one of those silly modern “art” exhibits, except this one breathes and has a

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Feminism As Matriarchy: 11 Simple Rules For Pussy Whipped Masochists

Over at the oddly named website .Mic a rare domesticated male dindu and self-declared social justice advocate named Derrick Clifton has revealed the secret to fulfilling every man’s dream of becoming a feminist. No, not the #NiceGuy creepy serial rapist type of male feminist, but the one who actually

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