The Libertarian Stuff: Introduction

This article will be the beginning of what I plan to be a multi-part, multi-contributor series.  The purpose? To seek rapprochement with libertarianism.  Yeah, we’re going there.

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White-Presenting Black Girl Dangerously Self-Detonates

danger-sign-safe-spaceToday’s article comes to us from the SWPL favorite SJW blog Black Girl Dangerous. Rent-seeking intersectionality double-dipper Mia McKenzie has penned this handy guide for white people on how they can just shut up and give minority pressure groups whatever the fuck they demand. She has organized her ransom note “ways to push back against your privilege” into four convenient talking points, perhaps with the subconscious anticipation that it would prompt a cisheteronormative white male to mansplain a rebuttal. Without further ado, let us voyage into the sloppy, contradictory thinking of a pampered negress.

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The Pretense of Powerlessness: Knockout Edition

“Often in my lectures when I use the phrase ‘imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy’ to describe our nation’s political system, audiences laugh. No one has ever explained why accurately naming this system is funny. The laughter is itself a weapon of patriarchal terrorism. It functions as a disclaimer, discounting the significance of what is being named. It suggests that the words themselves are problematic and not the system they describe. I interpret this laughter as the audience’s way of showing discomfort with being asked to ally themselves with an antipatriarchal disobedient critique. This laughter reminds me that if I dare to challenge patriarchy openly, I risk not being taken seriously.” — bell hooks, Understanding Patriarchy

No one has ever explained why if this system is so oppressive it is so easy for people like bell hooks to say things like this without suffering any negative consequences. Not only is it easy, but she is rewarded for it with prestige, influence and power, and she is not the only one.

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Institutional Suicide

The rise in bad philosophy, unstable political structures and dying institutions are all directly correlated with the over-education of the masses. Simply put, literacy isn’t necessarily a good thing. Wisdom is power and power should be centralized in order to maintain authority. People who research consciously or unconsciously are looking for wisdom against their masters. Things like the Reformation, The French Revolution, the disgraces of Communism, the rise in secular liberalism, and our modern inability to mature can all be attributed to our over-emphasis on literacy.

Education is a good thing, in fact it’s a blessing that Mankind can exercise his agency in a such a manner. However a blessing is a matter of quality and not quantity. Teaching stupid people to read will only give them the “revelation” that they can and should break free from their chains. This overloads the formal institutions that seek to serve and/or regulate the masses, oftentimes to the point that the institutions bring themselves to destruction. This can be seen with industry, government, and social institutions like marriage.

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Après Paul, Le Déluge


Translation: After (Ron) Paul, Dildos.

Ron Paul, our generation’s William Jennings Bryan, has largely run his course. The man who for decades bravely griefed Congress and disrupted Republican Primaries, now talks shit about dead people on twitter. He who lives by the troll dies by the troll, I suppose.

Following his not-so-stellar progress in 2010-11, these actions certainly don’t surprise me; here was a man ultimately less interested in cultivating a meaningful counter-narrative, and more interested in pissing people off before collecting his Congressional pension.

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The sickening pretense of non-power

Perhaps the most galling aspect of the current liberal political zeitgeist is the pretense by those in power and their supporters that they have no power. Liberal intellectuals and political activists maintain the smug conceit that they are “the little guy” fighting for “progress” against a mighty enemy of reaction. Who exactly this enemy is varies depending on the particular agenda, but in all cases it is an illusion. The reactionary Goliath to the liberal David is an invention, a ghost, a spook, a mere echo of a previous era that maintains only the moribund rump of an existence in the postmodern world. That is assuming it exists at all.

How liberals see conservatives.
How powerless liberals see their mighty opposition.

Examples of this trend abound in the endless streams of mindless garbage, snarky humor and pseudo-intellectual fluff that get jammed into the internet tubes on a daily basis and pass for political commentary and analysis in our intellectually sub prime culture. From the supposedly sober and moderate opinion offered by the establishment at the NY Times down to the quasi-pornographic filth peddled by Gawker Media, every liberal intellectual and activist has their own fantasy demon to slay.

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